Kiss Me


17. Chapter 17


It was sweet of Ash & Mikey to make a party so i can forget everything.

"Thanks guys" i said & smiled

"Of course!" Ash says & smiles

"Who did you even invite?" Zoe asked

"Well its not really a party just a get together, so you guys can have fun" Mikey replied while smiling

"Yeah so its just Me, Mikey, You Calum, & Luke" Ash replied

"Oh thanks guys" Zoe said

We ordered pizza & watched funny movies. I had a good time, i was thankful to have friends like these.

Ash, Calum & Mikey went to bed at like 3 morning, they all were passed out so it was just me & Zoe, we were getting water when she asks me a question.

"You think she'll wake up?" She said sadly as her eye started to water.

I was pouring the water & looked down at her.. i felt horrible, her eyes were beautiful & i answered .. "I don't know, i really hope so." I say as a tear goes down my cheek.. she comes over & she cry's in my chest. Ugh this feelings sucks. I just want her to wake up.

Zoe cried in my chest for about 10 mins.

"Sorry, i just needed to get that out." She says

"No its okay.. i understand."

"Hey you wanna go in Calums room instead? I really don't feel like sleeping on the floor or couch & i don't wanna wake them" she says as wiping her tears

"Yeah sure" i reply

We walk in Calum's room & its only a king sized bed.

"Oh i thought their would be 2 beds" I say

"No theirs only one but its really big so we'll have our personal space" Zoe replies & laugh

"Haha okay" i say as i get in the covers

"Night Zoe"

"Night Luke"

I woke up to my arms wrapped around Zoe

I quickly get up & go to the kitchen & my poured myself some coffee.

Calum Mikey & Ash were still sleeping

I hit them with a pillow & they all say

"Ughh luke not now" & Ash falls down onto the floor because he was on the couch, Calum is covering himself with a blanket & Mikey was on the chair trying to cover his head with a blanket & was about to hit me with a pillow.

"GUYS WE HAVE A GIG IN 20 min" i say trying to freak them out, they literally all jump up & run to get ready

"Guys guys i'm kidding! Oh my god" i say while laughing my ass off

"I'm going to kill you" Mikey says & he looks at Ash & Calum, they all grab a pillow & corner me.

"Hey hey! I had to get you guys up somehow" i say laughing

Calum comes behind me & Micheal is infront of me & Ash is slowly coming to me

"Hey what's going on?" Zoe comes out while rubbing her eyes

"ZOE HELP ME THEIR GONNA KILL ME" I yell while laughing

"Oh is that so?" She says & grabs a pillow too

"Nooo ahh haha" I reply

They all hit me and i run to the kitchen and we ran around the house for about 10 minutes, i had fun i liked hanging out with them, they would make me forget whats really going on in the world.

Just as Mikey was going to hit me Zoe says,

"Haha alright guys i'm done, Luke you got punished enough. I'm going to take a shower now."

"Okay bye" we all reply

I went to get some food & watch TV & waited till Zoe got out because i wanted to shower after her. We were watching The How I Met Your Mother, my favorite show for about 20-30 minutes, i went to get my phone in calums room because i left it charging.


I was just about done in the shower, but then i just saw i forgot my bra & towl, but it didnt really matter because i was in Calums room & i knew that my clothes were on his bed, so i get out, butt naked & i got my clothes & i turned & then i look up & Lukes in the room!

I quickly put my clothes over me & he was literally just standing their frozen.


I walked into the room to get my phone & i see Zoe.. NAKED! I was thinking holy shit oh my god what do i do?! i'm not going to lie she looked pretty hot naked but holy shit! i felt like i violated her privacy.

"Oh my god i'm so sorry!!" i say and cover my eyes & leave the room.. i wonder what she thinks.. oh god i hope it wont be awkward.


"Oh my god i'm so sorry!!" Luke tells me & leaves the room, i just stood their thinking, what.the.fuck. just happened, i walked over to the door to lock it for sure & just went in the bathroom & put my clothes on. I felt a little awkward & didn't really want to bump into Luke again. I got dressed & walked out the room, I wonder if he was going to tell the other guys..

"Hey guys i just finished showering." I say & Luke says

"Okay i'm going to take one now" & he was acting like nothing happened, no one asked so i just let it be & pretended it never happened. That day was pretty boring.. we just stood home eating & watching TV.

On monday we had school, everyday & the boys would hangout & then after school me and Luke would go to hospital at least 3 times a week to visit Aria. I guess you can say we were getting close.

***3 Months Later***

"You want a napkin with that?" I ask while laughing because Luke & I were eating & he was starving & he literally just dug in & got food all over his face, i went to get the napkins but it fell under the desk, i went to go get it when i saw this letter under their with all this dust so i picked that up, i looked at so confused.. it said "Aria & Zoe" in the back, then i quickly remembered i was going to open this about 3 months ago but Christian came in & acted crazy & i must of dropped it!

"Luke! Look what i found!!"

"What??" he asks so confused

"I dont know! it has my name on it? why..?"

i was scared to open it.. who knew what it could say

"Well lets open it!!" Luke replies, excited to see what it says

I open it & it starts off as

Dear my 2 angels; Aria & Zoe,

"Angels? why does someone calling me Angel sound so familiar?"

Sorry for updating so late >.< i'll try to update more frequently.. hoped you liked this chapter, a cliffhanger 😏😉

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