Kiss Me


16. Chapter 16


I was so angry when Luke told me what Christian & Jason did, i wanted to hurt them like they hurt Aria, Luke & me. I know i couldn't tell Calum or Luke what i was going to do so i just pretended to go out back for some air, while i was going back i got my keys & was out the door. I ran & quickly put the keys in & drove off, i was already on the street i see Calum & Luke run out but i was too fast for them to see who i was & catch me.


"Why would Zoe leave & not tell us?" calum asked

"I don't kno- oh my god.. shes going to talk to Christian & Jason! Quick we have to go!"

"Luke we only have one car!"

"Call micheal or ashton! someone please!"

I had to get their before Zoe! She would get hurt.. Aria cant loose her too. I feel so guilty of everything.

"Okay i called both but they both didn't answer.. we have to get their! Wait how would Zoe know where they live?" calum asked

"Oh yeah! Thank god! Lets go to the hospital then & see if shes their." I say

"How?" calum replied

"Lets walk, if shes going to the hospital then she might need time a lone & we don't have a car"

"Okay lets go"


I didn't know where they lived.. so i just decided to go to the hospital just too see my sister. About 10 minutes later i was their.

I walked in & went the desk lady.

"Hey Sarah, what room is Aria in?" i knew the desk lady from before Aria was in here.

"Shes in the same room number, hun"

"Thank you" I say & put on a fake smile.

I walked to the stairs instead of elevator, i didn't feel like seeing random people in a small square place, i rather be alone.

When i was done, i walked to the door & took a big breathe, closed to my eyes & open the door. When i got in, i immediately spotted the beautiful flowers & balloons & nice cards. I walked to the cards 3 that said get well soon.. but their was this one that was all white & on the back it just said Aria & Zoe with a line un our names. I was so confused why was my name their? I was about to open the card when i hear Aria breathe really loud, like loud enough to wake up. I quickly put the card on the desk *as Zoe looked away the card fell to the floor & as Zoe was walking towards Aria she kicked the card under the desk*

"ARIA!! ARE YOU WAKING UP?!" I yelled, holding her & started to cry..


i waited another 10 mins..

i seriously she thought she was going to wake up.. i guess not. So i just laid next to her, acting as if she was hearing what i was saying & listening.

It was already about 40 minutes & i was still here, i was thinking i should probably leave soon.


It literally took 40 minutes to get to the hospital, me & Calum ran to the elevator & waited. I was praying that Zoe was their, because if she was their then i wouldn't have to worry if shes with Christian or Jason.

We run the door & open it.

"ARIA YOUR OKAY THANK GOD" Calum yells as we both run to her

"Yeah i'm fine, sorry guys i just left i should of told you.."

"Its okay don't worry" I say & pull Zoe in for a hug "Thank god your okay" she smelled just like Aria, this made me sad i wish i could hold Aria again & have her hold me back. I was about to shed a tear when Calum says

"Hey babe are you hungry?"

"Just about starving!" Zoe replies

"Don't worry i'll get you food downstairs" as Calum smiles

"Okay thanks babe"

"Luke you want anything?"

"Um just a drink it doesn't matter what kind whatever is fine" i reply

As Calum leaves it was Zoe & I, it was kinda awkward so i decided to break off the silence by pretending to go the bathroom.

"Hey im going to use the restroom be right back."

"Alright." she replies


It was pretty awkward when it was just me & Luke, so when he told me his using the bathroom it finally cut off the silence. About 3 minutes later the door was opening I was looking at Aria & then said

"Wow, Luke you are really fast at going to the bathroom" & then laugh.

"Honey, this isnt Luke" Christian replies as closing the door & locking it.

"Oh my god Christian?!" I say in a mean way & i wanted to knock him out but this is this is the first i seen him & he is a pretty tall guy..

"What bitch, look i know your mad & me and Jason for hurting your stupid sister so i came here to hear what you have to say"

I was thinking.. why the hell would Luke tell him i'm mad? That was not for him to tell. Great.

"Yeah i'm pretty fucking pissed! Shes in coma again & now she has an even less chance of waking up."

"Oh boo-hoo wittle Zoe's sisters in coma" he says while pouting his face.

"Just leave Christian!" i yell

"No bitch i can leave whenever i want"


"What did you just say?" he yells & comes closer to me, having his knuckles ready.

I needed something fast, on the left their was a glass vase with flowers & the right of me where balloons, i grabbed the vase & broke it on to his head. By then Luke was finally back, i unlocked the door & said


Lukes eyes widened & went infront of me, he was so strong & brave & i love how he protected me.

"Get the fuck out Christian, leave Zoe & Aria alone they did not do anything!"

"That bitch just hit me in the head with glass, she better watch out now." Christian replied while glaring at Zoe.

Calum was finally coming in with the food & he got so surprised he dropped the food & said

"Whoa Whoa what the hell is going on?"

"Calum!!!" i scream & run to him

"Leave Christian" Luke yells and Christian finally leaves the room.

"Oh my god that was so scary i hate this" i say while crying in Calums arm.

"Babe i'm sorry i wish i was here the whole time to protect you."

"Its okay, Luke was" & i turned & smiled

Which got me thinking.. why did Luke tell christian i was mad?

Calum went to get paper towels to clean up the food. Then i asked Luke,

"Hey Luke why did you tell Christian i was about everything?" i ask

"What are you talking about? this is the first i have seen him or talked to him since the accident with Aria"

"Then how did he know i was mad?"

"I dont know.. you want me to ask?"

"I mean i guess, but later."

"Okay." Luke replies

Calum came back & we all cleaned the food. We decided to go out to eat.

**3 hours later** we come back to Calum's place & we open the door

"SURPRISE!!!" Micheal & Ashton scream

Me & Zoe were confused, but not Calum.

"Hey whats going on?" I say & laugh

"Well Calum told us about what happened to Aria.. we felt bad because we weren't their for you guys when you needed us & for the car, so we decided to have a small get together to make you forget what happened & so you guys can have some funnn" Ashton replies

"Aw, you guys are so sweet" I replied & hugged them both.

"Thanks guys, i needed this" Luke said back.

"Alright lets get this party started!!" Micheal yells

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