Kiss Me


15. Chapter 15


"Forget it Luke were done" Aria told me & i was high but i herd her clearly & my heart literally broke into a million pieces. I felt so bad.. she was crying, i felt like crying. I wanted to run after her & then Jason's phone was ringing.

"What man?" Jason asked

"I'm close go outside"

"Wow that actually worked? Alright cool bye" Jason replied

"Who was that?" I asked

"Christian, my plan worked. He got out of jail & his here but he's pretty high too." While he was explaining that to me i herd a big thump.

I ran out side.. Christian hit Aria!


"What man?" He replied

He was so stoned, how did he not get pulled over? I ran to Aria & picked her & she was out cold. I was holding her bridal style & ran to my car. I put her in the front seat & i ran to the driver seat & buckled me & her up.. i felt speeding like i was in a car race & the prize was a billion dollars! It was about 10 mins and i was only HALF WAY THERE, I WAS FREAKING OUT! What if she goes into coma again???? This is just horrible! It was a red light & i texted Zoe to come to the hospital ASAP! The light finally turned green & i zoomed, about 10 mins later i was finally there!


1 nurse came running & put on her on that moving bed thing (sorry i dont know the real name lol) & i was so worried! i wish i had Zoe here. I called her like 3 times she hasn't replied or anything! Where is she?!?

I was on the seats & then it reminded me of Carrol.. which made me feel even more sad. I felt horrible! I should be taking care of Aria.. poor Aria! She lost her mom & now she hates me.. she has no one except Zoe but they barley even know each other. I should've never went to Jason's this is all my fault! If i wasn't their she would've never went to his house & Christian would've not ran her over.. i hate myself i'm horrible.

1 hour later its about 1-2 in the morning & i'm exhausted.. i needed to sleep just as i rest my eyes a doctor comes out

"Aria??" she asks

I open up my eyes immediately & ran to her


"Sir.. i'm sorry to be telling you this again but Aria is in coma again, since she had this before theirs a less chance she'll be waking up. I'm sorry."

When she told me this.. my world felt like it just crumbled to the floor, my heart sunk, i couldn't breathe, my eyes started watering up.. not again no please Aria can't be in a coma again..

"Oh my-" i say trying to keep it together & just slowly walked back to the seat & sat down.. thinking.. all the good memories we had together.. our first kiss, her smile, her laugh, why did this have to happen? I feel so guilty. I have to see her.

I walked to her room, it was the same room as before i walked over & just looked at her, feeling so guilty, tears were going down my face she looked like sleeping beauty.. i could hear her small breathing, her hands felt so cold, her eyes were closed so gently. I sat in that room until 6 in the morning, i fell asleep until a nurse came in at 8 & woke me up.

"I'm sorry sir, you need to leave" she told me

"Oh yeah.. sorry" i quietly say while rubbing my eyes

I walked out & called Calum & the boys. It was about 8:30 and i didn't know if any of them were up, i called Calum first.

"Hey man can i come over?"

"Uh-yeah sure but its like 8 something i'm tired & Zoe's here"

"That's where she is!! Wake her up i need to talk to her its really important"

"Yeah i guess come over in like 20"

"Alright bye" i replied

I walked over to the door, took one last glimpse of Aria & wiped a tear from my face & walked out the door, just as i couldn't think things can get worse i see Jason.

"Oh! Hey bro whats up? me & my friend are here just for a visit" Jason told me, i knew who he was going too see. Aria.

"Don't even think of it i will punch you so hard you would forget why you are even here" i told him & looked at him deadly in the eye as Christian is behind him. "Oh yeah that goes for you Christian, you put my girlfriend in coma i could sue your fucking ass so both of you fuck off"

"Damn alright then brothaaa we'll leave" he replies, trying not look scared but i could see it in his eyes that he was scared.

"Oh yeah don't fucking called me brother anymore." I pushed him as i walked past him.

I got in the car and put the keys in, it was already almost 9 so i'm pretty sure they are up by now. It took about 15 minutes to get their, i walked in & i saw Calum sleeping on the couch while Zoe was making some coffee. I slammed the door by accident & Calum wakes up.

"Ugh why did you wake me up" Calum whines

"Hey! sorry i dont know how your door thingy works i didn't know you barley push & it closes" i say while laughing. Wow the first time i laughed all day.

"Luke.. its a door they all work the same" Zoe buds in while pouring the coffee in her mug & laughs.

"Haha whatever, hey Zoe i need to talk to you its really important." I say while looking at the floor.

"Sure, hey wheres Aria?"

"Um i'll tell you when we talk" I say while making a fake smile. I didn't know how & what to say to her! I'm so lost.. i feel horrible. I hate to be the first person to tell her but i have too. Calum looked at me & knew something was up, he looked at me & did the like what happened face & i told him to follow me as Zoe's face was turned away.

"Hey uh i'm gonna go to the bathroom" I say walking really fast.

"Yeah im gonna go change into uh.. better clothing." Calum replies

"Haha uh okay?" Zoe says.

I wait in the bathroom & Calum was looking for me & he literally passed me & i pulled him in the bathroom.

"Whoa whats up?" Calum asks confused

"Dude.. something horrible happened again." I say already starting to cry.

"Oh no what?!" now Calum is all worried

"Ari-Aria she.. she" I couldn't say it.. saying those words again is going to hurt so much, my heart is breaking.. i cant do this.

"What! Tell me!!" As Calum was litterley pushing me

"Man, i don't know how to say this" & a tear goes down my face

"You better fucking tell me now! Come on!" He whines

"Ariasincomaagain" I say so fast, i couldn't say it slowly i would just about die.

"Did i hear what i think i herd? HOW?!?" Calums eyes widened & pulls me in for a hug.

"Yeah.. i dont know how i'm going to tell Zoe! It was hard enough telling you, & i'll tell you later how, actually Zoe will" i said looking down.

"I'm sorry, i dont know what to say because i have not been through this.. but i'm here for you & the boys would be here for you too of course" Calum replies looking so worried & deeply sorry in his eyes. I felt bad thats how worried he looked.. imagine Zoe's eyes. Ugh how am i going to do this. We walked out the bathroom & Zoe's watching TV.

"Hey what was that you wanted to tell me?" Zoe asked me.

"Um yeah okay *turns TV off*"

"Hey! i was watching that."

"Sorry its just that what i have to tell you is really important & this is really hard for me and i dont know what to do i-" A tear came from my face & she looked at me & came closer to me & looked straight into my eyes.

"Hey hey! Whats wrong? Oh my gosh!"

"Zoe, i'm so sorry but Aria sh-shes in coma again" & i looked down.. i couldn't look at her face.. seeing those eyes would just break me. Calum wasn't around because he went to actually change into clothes. I look up at her & her hands at her mouth, her eyes are getting so watery i go in for a hug, she was just crying in my shoulder.

"Ho-how?" she could barley speak, but asks me. I told her everything, but after i told her she was more angry than sad.


"Babe! Babe calm down! I'm sorry.." & he goes in & hugs her

"I need to see them! I have to tell Jason & Christian something!" Zoe whined while Calum was hugging her, by tell them something she meant beat them up.. & i know who would win. Jason & Christian.

"No! Aria you can't see them! I don't want anything to you too! Please" I tell Zoe

Zoe just looked at me & nodded her head & said she's going to go out back to gets some air.

"Man.. this is just all so horr-" before Calum could finish the car out front turned on. Me & Calum looked at each other & ran to the front before we could get down the steps, the car was gone & the car left to fast so we didn't see who it was.

"Who the heck was that?" I asked

"Oh no!" Calum says while running to the back

"What??" I say & follow

"ZOE IS GONE" Calum yells.

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