Kiss Me


14. Chapter 14

I can not believe Luke did this too me.. how can he? This is Jason were talking about! He is crazy! I ran to Zoes bedroom & she was listening to music on her bed, i was crying & she looked so worried & i told her everything.

"I-i don't know what to do Zoe" i couldn't even talk normal, thats how much i was crying.

"Aria, i don't know.. i'm sorry.. stay far away from Luke & all them hopefully they'll just leave you alone"

"o-okay i'll try" & wipe my tears.

I get up, hug her & go to my room. I wanted to get my mind off of things.. but it litterley was not worth it at all.. i did not want to loose Luke at all.. especially when i told him i loved him just yesterday! how can i just stopped talking to someone cold turkey? this is going to hurt a lot

It was about 9:30 and my phone starts ringing about literally 3 times & it was Luke. It hurt me a lot not to answer but it was only the best thing to do. I texted him saying "I'm sorry Luke just leave me alone." I was hesitating to send it for about 5 minutes, i closed my eyes & sent it.


I called Aria about 3 times & i was really sad & worried.. until she texts me saying "I'm sorry Luke just leave me alone." this text hurt so much. I couldn't handle it anymore.. I went to Jason, i had to tell him to back the fuck off.

**20 mins later**

I walked in & saw Jason high off his mind on the couch. I haven't done coke in about 2 years.. i just cut cold turkey.. i'm not going to lie i wanted to try again.. it was so hard not too.

"Oh hey Luke" Jason says as he starts looking at the coke on the table & is practically waving it at me.

"Look uh-Jason don't fucking hurt Aria! She wont even talk to me because you might hurt her & she didn't even do anything!"

"Oh your little girlfriend wont talk to you? Come on man just try it! One try doesn't hurt you, plus what else you gotta loose? You don't have a girlfriend or even a mom all you have is me & i'm fucked up & you know it"

"Stop! seriously!" i tried not thinking of what he meant but i couldn't help it. He was right.. i had no one.

"Give it" i say & sat down & i did it once.. before i knew it i was high.


I tried not thinking about Luke but it was so hard.. It was 11:43 & i just had to call him. So i did, but he did not answer.. i had to see him because i know i would be up all night thinking of every situation possible & they would all be bad. So i got in my car while Zoe was sleeping. I stopped by Lukes house & he was not their. Where could he be? Then a really horrible thought came too my mind.. Jasons house, i wasn't sure where he house was but i just went to the area where i last saw my mom, a tear goes down my cheek, i shake my head & go back in the car. I drove their & stayed their for about 10 minutes.. i was terrified to go in their again, but i HAD to see Luke! i will hate myself if i don't.

I walk in & i see Luke stoned to death. He looked at me & had the most saddest eyes & he got up & said

"Aria let me expla-"

"Forget Luke, were done" as tears are flowing out of me like it was raining cats & dogs. I was crying so much i could barley see i was just about to cross the road when i turn & theirs this bug bright light i turn & it turned black.

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