Kiss Me


13. Chapter 13


I was scared to see what was on his phone. I looked at him & then looked at the phone. Their were 3 missed calls, 3 all from Jason & about 4 text messages from Jason, they said




"GUESS WHAT LUKE SHE DIED! THANKS FOR BEING THEIR & YOU SAY I'M COLD HEARTED i told the doctors to put her away so now you can't see her, since you didn't come to the hospital don't even bother coming to the funeral." 1:26 am

"Oh m-my god Luke.. i'm so so sorry" & i hug him.. but he didn't hug back, instead he pushed me away.

"Wh-whats wrong?" i say in confusion

"Its.. your.. fault" he says quietly but harshly.

"My fault? how is this my fault?" i say tearing up

"I'm going to leave now, have fun hanging out with Zoe bye"

"Lu-No i'm sorry i don't know what i did" i say pulling his arm, he just pulled away & walked out.

I was so confused.. and hurt why did Luke think this is my fault? Ugh i do not feel like hanging out with Zoe. I walk to her room & i knock on her door

"Hey Zoe.."

"Yeah whats up?" She replies

"I don't feel like hanging out today, im sorry, something really bad happened."

"What happened??" She asked so worried

"I don't feel like talking about it because i don't even know.. i'll get back to you later sis"

Wow.. i just said sis.. i hope she didn't think i went to far.


Wow she just called me sis! Thats the best thing i could hear from

her. Whatever was going on i hope she'll feels better. I'm glad i was finally letting in too Arias heart & she was in mine.


I feel so sad/depressed/confused! I can NOT believe my mom just died & Jason is literally forbidding me to see her! He cant do this! This is all Arias fault. If we didn't have sex then maybe i would've answered my phone & MAYBE I WOULD OF SEEN MY MOM. I have to get to the hospital & hope shes still their.

**15 mins later**

I rushed in the hospital running to the desk lady.

"Hey was their a women in here under the name Ms.Hemming's & if that doesn't work then he name was Ashley."

"I'm sorry, you just missed her, Since she was dead we took her out of the hospital.."

"Ohh.. okay" i say and slowly walked away, as i can barley breathe, i didn't even get to say goodbye.

I was about to call Jason when Aria kept calling me. I ignored everything. I couldn't handle with her & my mom & Jason.

I took my phone out & did not want to do it but had too. I called Jason.

It rang for 30 seconds until i herd breathing. Just breathing.

"Um Jason.." I ask

*breathing heavily*

"Jason tell me where Mom is! I need to know! i didn't know you were calling me believe me please! Its all Arias fault!" After i said that.. i completely froze up & totally regretted what i said! Im talking to JASON! he can do whatever he wanted be KNOWS PEOPLE. WHAT. DID. I. DO.


"NO NO JASON NO I-" before i could answer & he hung up.. i knew what he was going to do.. Call Christian. I know his in jail but Jason knows people.. he can get him out any day. I felt so stupid & such a horrible person i HAD TO STOP HIM.

I ran too my car & zoomed to Arias house, i walked in & she was on her couch looking so sad.

"ARIA!!" i ran & hugged her

"Luke! oh my god i thought you were mad at me i didn't know what i did i'-i'm so sorry" she said & having tears in her eyes

"No Aria.. please don't apologize! i have to tell you something & i did NOT mean it.. it just came out & i dont know how i'm going to fix this."


I was watching TV trying to get my mind off of Luke.. i was so worried of what i did.. i'm so sad.. i was just thinking i hope he can forgive me.. as i was thinking Luke walks in. I was so HAPPY! My heart starts racing, a smile appears on my face. He screamed my name out & hugged me. I didn't know what to say i just apologized.. i didn't want him mad at me.. even though i don't know what i did, but he said don't apologize, i was confused.. he said it was my fault about an hour ago now its not?

"No Aria.. please don't apologize! i have to tell you something & i did NOT mean it.. it just came out & i dont know how i'm going to fix this." he said too me.. i'm here thinking what did he do..

"What do you mean babe?" i ask

"Um.. remember how i kinda told you it was your fault my mom died.. yeah well i was just angry i know its not your fault.. but i called Jason & i was still angry & kinda said it was.. umm.. your.. fault.."

That smile on my face disappeared in seconds.. i couldn't believe Luke! Telling JASON the guy that PUT MY IN ACOMA that its my FAULT his mom died! I couldn't look at him anymore.. i told him to leave.

"Luke.. i think you've done enough.. can you please leave" i say as my voice cracks & eyes start to fill up with water.


"Leave." i say cutting him off.

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