Kiss Me


12. Chapter 12


The next day it was school again, it was whatever. I mean its school but when i got home Luke, Micheal Ashton & Calum all were at Zoe's house. They were in a basement playing some instruments. Luke played the guitar & was the lead singer, Ashton was the drummer, Calum was base & did some sining & Micheal played the guitar. They basically all played an instrument & can sing. When i walked in to Luke playing the guitar just made me like him even more he looked so hot.

"Hey babe!" Luke tells me

"Luke! oh my gosh i didn't know you play the guitar." I smiled & said

"I also sing you know" *chuckles*


"Lukey??" *everyone starts laughing*

"Hahaha yup Lukey thats your new nickname for you babe"

"Haha if ya say so"

"Sing to me!!!!" i whined

"Come on Lukey sing for her" Calum said in a girly voice while laughing.

**everyone starts laughing**

"You guys sing too!" Luke screamed & chuckled

"WHAT!! guys you should totally play a song! i wanna hear please please please!" Aria whined

"Fine." Ashton said

Everyone looks at Ashton & widened their eyes & Calum mouthed "Noo"


**5 mins later**

I come back & their all ready & just waiting for me to sit down.

They start singing a song from Green Day.

Luke was the first person to sing & holy shit his voice was deep & absolutely beautiful to listen too, when his dimple would show while he would sing, his lip ring.. everything.. he looked so perfect.

Mikey was an amazing guitarist, i wish i could play the guitar like him! Calum had such a sweet soft voice & he was such a good base. Ashton was really good at the drums, he would sweat a lot though but he had a really cute voice & he always seemed happy. Also Luke would do this thing while his singing, like put his feet in while playing the guitar & singing & i think he looks so hot doing that, just basically anything of him.. oh god i think i'm in love.

When the song was over i started jumping up & down screaming

"YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING OH MY GOSH" They all just smile & laugh.

I run up to Luke & say

"Luke your so perfect" & chuckle

He looks straight in my eyes & say "Not as perfect as you"

I start blushing & kiss him. By then it was about noon & we all were hungry. We decided to go out to Lunch. We were gonna get Zoe but she was sleeping. We got to the restaurant ordered our food & about 20 minutes later it comes.

While were eating i start a conversation.

"Soo guys how did you even know you play instruments & can sing?"

"Well we were all hanging out and listening to some songs & Green Day come on & we all start singing & then Mikey just asked if we can play instruments and we said yes & Ashton said I dare all of us to play a song!" and yeah thats basically how Calum explained.

"Wow! guys i think you should become a band, you guys are absolutely amazing & i would pay money to hear ya guys sing" i told them while laughing & they laughed too.

After lunch everyone went home and i went home with Luke back to Zoe's of course.

"Hey hey" i say as were walking in her house

"Hey where were you guys?" Zoe asked

"Out to lunch" Luke replied

"Gee thanks for the invite" *starts laughing*

"You were sleeping! We didn't wanna wake you." I replied.

"Alright well i'm gonna go to Calum's, he invited me so bye you love birds"

When Zoe told me that i just remembered i haven't told her i actually did it with Luke.

"Hey Zoe! we should have a sister day one day.. um when you free?"

"Haha yeah that'd be cool, um tomorrow is sunday so yeah tomorrow?"

"Yeah cool!" I say & smile & walk away

I walk over back to Luke & we were watching a movie & i think i wanted to tell him i love him.. but i didn't want to be the first one. I laid my head on his chest.


We were watching a movie in Zoe's guest room while having Arias head on my chest & she looked so perfect, we were watching a comedy & whenever she would smile, or laugh she looked perfect & her eyes in the TV light and how they would squint while laugh.. whenever i would hug her my heart would feel complete, and whenever i'm not around her all i do is think about her.. i really do think i love her.. but i don't want to be the first person to say it, i don't want her backing away but i couldn't help it.

"Aria.." I say & her beautiful eyes look up at me.


I was laying on his chest & he says my name. (By the way is it just me or when the guy you like says your name its amazing, i like hearing my name out of his voice its like perfect)

I look up at him & he looks down..

"I-I love you" He said quietly but enough for me to hear, my heart was racing i was so happy. I got up & said

"I *looks down* love you too" then looks straight into his eyes. His the first guy i told i love you & actually really mean it. He smiles & we kiss, and kiss some more & then it tuned out to making out, he was just about to take my shirt off his phone rings.

*Ring ring ring* it rang for about a minute

While were kissing i said

"Do you wanna get that?" & smiling between the kiss

"Na i want you" He says & i smile

He took my shirt off & i took off his. I let him unclip my bra & i took off his jeans. I was on bottom while he was on top kissing my neck then my chest, then my stomach & went to my thighs & took my underwear off. He took off his & the phone rang again.

*Ring ring rinngg*

"Babe you sure you don't want to het that" i say

"Noo" Luke says while kissing my neck

"Haha okay & i start kissing his neck while his kissing my chest.

Then i think you know what happens next.

The next morning i woke up & Luke was still sleeping. I looked like shit so i decided to take a shower. I turned the water on & took one. About 30 minutes later i get out & forgot clothes & a towel. So i walked out butt naked & Luke was barley getting up.

"Babbbeee" i say

"Yess" & groans

"I need a towel like now i'm freezing!"

"Ooh you naked in their?" he laughs

"Please lukeyyyy i'm cold as fuck"

"Fine fine as long as we can take a shower together."

"But i just took one!" and i laugh

"Take another then" he says

i chuckle & say

"Fine hurry i'm so cold"

He runs in the shower & we shower together.

I was just done getting ready & he was too. I went to get some food & Luke went to get his phone. I come back & he was crying! His eyes were puffy, and tears coming down his face, i run up to him & say

"Luke oh my! Babe whats wrong" & hugs him

He just holds me tight & hands me his phone.

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