Kiss Me


11. Chapter 11

"Cristian?! why would he want to do anything with Aria? His bad news man thats why he got kicked out of high school."

"I know! i know! its because.."

"Hey, Aria & Zoe me & Calum are gonna go.. um outside yeah outside."

"Okay okay tell me now!" Calum demanded

"Okay so.. you know Jason right? His my brother.. so he's jut bad news. He sells drugs etc, & me and Christian never liked each other. He used to sell drugs for Jason & i actually did before because Jason basically made me but the worse part is, is that i actually used to do drugs. Anyways Christian used to live with Jason in Australia & then Jason got sent to the US because of jail & i still owed Christian some money but i have never seen him till today & i guess Jason told Christian everything & i'm just fucked." Luke explained.

"Whoa thats crazy Luke!!! What are you going to do??" Calum quickly asked.

"I don't know!! ugh i just hope Aria just forgets everything.. but he did make a weird comment i hope Aria doesn't ask me."

We were about to go in when Zoe & Aria were just about to get us. Thank god i stopped talking.. what if she herd?


I was telling Zoe what happened when Luke interrupted and had him & Calum go in the back which was kind of weird..

"Yeah so thats basica-"

"Hey, Aria & Zoe me & Calum are gonna go.. um outside yeah outside."

When Luke told me that i didn't seem so sure but i just let it go.

Me & Zoe were done talking so we decided to go back to get Luke & Calum & they literally just stopped talking.

"Hey babe everything okay?"

"Yea-Yeah everything's fine" *smiles* Luke replied.

He better have not lying to me. I hate when people lie to me. I loose all respect. After that Calum & Zoe went to Calums house when Me & Luke stayed home watching movies.

"Babbee i'm bored" i whined at Luke.

"Well then do you want to do something else" *winks at me* & smiles

"Oh and what would that might be?" *giggling* while i start to go on top of him making out for 5 minutes. Every kiss was so passionate & amazing. He putting my hands all over me.. i know i know it sounds weird but hey! i'm 18 i'm an adult right? 😂😉

We were kissing & he through his shirt off. He was kissing mg neck & i honestly wasn't fully ready to do it but he looked perfect without his shirt so i just went along. I took my crop top & shorts off & all i had were my bra & underwear. He was kissing my neck and i let out a moan, i started kissing his neck back & then he was on top while i was on bottom & he took off my underwear & i took my bra off. Then that night.. i lost my virginity to Luke.

Then i just remembered the next day was school... -.-

**School Day***

The next morning i was so sore & did not want to go to school & i still couldn't believe i was for like the second time or third time. I haven't been here in over 6 months.. i was kinda scared. I still had bio first & i was happy because i had Luke & Zoe that period. That school day was whatever i mean people were making faces at me because i was holding hands with Luke.. i cared then i didn't i dont know i just ignored it. I was happy the day was over, i can finally just relax.

Sorry for the crappy chapter >.< i'll try to update everyday but i have school so its kind of hard but thanks for reading :)

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