Kiss Me


10. Chapter 10


I woke up with Luke next to me and i guess we fell asleep at the park!

I quickly woke up Luke.

"Luke! Babe luukkkee" i said pushing him.

*groans* "what i'm still tired" he said without opening his eyes.

"We fell asleep at the park!"

"Oh shit!" *checks phone* "my phones dead, how about yours?"

"Mines dead too, ugh Luke its like 6 in the morning & i don't even know where we are"

"Don't worry babe, i do follow me."

We got up and wiped the grass off us & i followed Luke.

1 hour later we were still walking.. i was getting worried.

"Uh Luke do you honestly know where we going? When we took the walk last night it didn't take this long to get the park."

"Um.. yeah yeah.. i do" Luke said unsurely.

My gut was telling me not to trust him but i wanted to trust him, to give him a chance so i just ignored it and had our hands intertwined.

Another hour later & we still weren't home.

"Hey! look theirs someone lets ask for directions"

"No! i know where we're going" Luke said mad.

"Come on babe it doesn't hurt to ask." *smiles*


"Come on babe it doesn't hurt to ask" Aria tells me & smiles.

To be honest.. i didn't know where we were going... but i didn't want Aria to know so she wouldn't worry or think i'm stupid.. but i kept thinking if we didn't get help maybe we could be lost all day, plus Arias smile is just so cute, its hard to say no.

"Um yeah.. sure" I replied.

Aria walked over to the guy & i was behind her.

"Hey do you know wher-uh hey Luke whats our street name?" Aria asked.

"Oak Street babe" i reply & *smiled*

"Hey do you know were Oak street is?" Aria asked the guy, he had a black hoodie & some jeans on with the hood up.. the guy looked familiar.. but didn't think much about it.

"getinthecar" the guy saying so fast & grabbing Aria.

When he said that.. i knew who he was now.


I was about to ask the guy for directions when he tells me

"getinthecar" at first i was like what & then he grabs me.


He was holding my shirt & Luke ran to me.

"LET HER GO!!!!" Luke says so pissed & giving him the death glare, shaking his head

"Or what?" the creepy guy said, pulling a gun out.

I was crying, my heart was ponding i didn't want to get in his car! Not now! Not when everything's perfect!

"Don't fucking touch her!!!!!" Luke yells

"Shutup, i'm the one with the gun you should be obeying me!"

"Please just let me go please i'll give you money my phone something please!!!" Aria cried.

"Shut the fuck up!" the guy yelled at me & pushed me against the car.

Luke got closer & had his arm ready to punch him

"Don't fucking do that!!"

"Or what?" *shifts the mode of safety off the gun*

"Please don't shoot him please he means everything to me please we'll give you anything!!"

"She actually really cute huh" *grins* the creepy guy said looking at Luke

Right when he said that Luke was seriously going to punch the fucker out, then 3 cars past by.

2 stopped while the other just drove by.

"Is their a problem?" this one guy said, he was pretty buff & looked strong. He saw that i was crying & the gun. He took out his phone while the other car had 2 people a guy & a girl. They were keeping a eye on the guy with a gun. He knew he was screwed. You could just see it in his eyes. He let me go & i ran into Luke's arms.

"Luke oh my god that was so scary i never want to loose you" i said crying into his arms. I loved when he put his arms around me. Whenever i was with him & he held me i felt so safe & loved. We were just swaying back & fourth hugging each other & he had his arms around my waist.

"I never want to loose you" Luke said with his eyes all watery.

The police finally came and took the creepy guy in the car & he yelled "I'LL GET YOU ARIA" which scared me so much! how does he know my name ?!!!? ugh i hope his in jail FOREVER! & thank god one of the polices took us home. It was about 10 in the morning. Me and Luke walked into Zoe's house.

"OH MY GOSH ARIA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Zoe yelled at me & Calum was their yelling at Luke.

"I-I'm sorry i guess me and Luke fell asleep at the park & we got lost i guess and this guy almost took me then the police came.."

"OH MY ARE OKAY?!!" & she looks at Luke


We got at Zoe's house & Zoe was yelling at Aria & Calum came straight to me. I had to tell him..

"Bro.." I said scared to tell him.

"What now ?!" Calum asked confused/upset.

"It was Christian." Luke said & Calum's eyes widened.

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