Somebody To You (1D fanfic)

All i wanna be all i ever wanna be is somebody to you.
What happens when 5 girls who hate One Direction have to hang out with them?What will happen?Will they start to like them?Can the boys let them go?Or they'll just fall for them?
Find Out In : Somebody To You


7. Chapter 6 (It's A Girly Thing)

Louis's P.O.V:

I was walking around like a carrot.i just went to upstairs then downstairs and when i arrived to the Lobby i saw Sky talking to herself.

"fuck you fuck you stop calling me you idiot"she was whispering to herself.i decided to go to her

"Hey what's up?i just heard you swearing,Can i ask why?"i told her

"um yeah.....hi......actually yeah my ex is calling me and it seems like he won't stop"she sighed.

"oh well sorry ,sometimes boys are annoying"i said.

she giggled.cute.

"well do you want me to help you about that?"i asked her ,maybe she needed someone to call that pest.

"no um thanks i'm ok.i'm good"

"alright then tell me if you needed any help my name in your phone is 'Carrot Boy' so call me"i winked at her

i could see her cheeks were like tomato.she was blushing.Really?

"okay so how did YOUR number went into MY contacts?"she asked me

"haaha funny story actually Calum did it to you guys when you girls were in the bathroom that night at Nando's"i told her

she started laughing and i joined her.

"so why were you going up and down?"

"i was waiting for the boys to come cause we have an interview"

"oh"was all she could say.

"and don't tell anyone but Luke was about to work on the girls to come with us too"i continued

"WHAT?"she almost screamed

"shhhhhh keep it down.and yes because we're having an interview with Alan Carr and he told us to bring you girls too."

"ok but why?"she looked confused

"um cause Bri is Luke's sister and your parents are famous and you guys have been hanging with us a lot"

"oh my gosh this is awesome Lou thank you thank you thank you"she said jumping up and down cheering.awwww did she just call me Lou.i was thinking but then somebody and sky both jumped.

"WHAT WAS THAT?"i asked

"That was Bri."she said

"i think Luke told her about the interview"i chuckled and she giggled.

we ran upstairs we saw Michael,Luke and the girls at the girls' apartment.

Wow their house is too girly but i like it it's amazing

"what happened?"sky asked

"that interview thing happend and we only got 2 hours"bri said in a worried voice.

"what?isn't two hours enough?"Mike asked

"nope i have to take a shower first"she said and i saw michael and bett stared at her like she just killed someone

she mouthed 'it's okay i won't do anything' to them

what's that mean?

i'm really confused

Bri's P.O.V:

we were on our way to the studio

Sky was wearing this :

I was wearing this :

Bett was wearing this :

Tani was wearing this :

Paula was wearing this :

two things surprised me the most

1.Bett was wearing high heels

and 2.all of the boys were wearing suits

anyways when we arrived there we sat and the boys went on stage i meant all of the boys they sang a mix of What Makes You Beautiful and Voodoo Doll.we were backstage watching them.

it was kinda great except for the parts that niall was singing.i know you hate me now but i hate him and his everything even though he has a good voice.

and after a bit of kidding with the boys Alan called our names but first he called my name.awww i feel like a movie star cause when he called my name everyody cheered.we went and sat between the boys that means we were exactly between 1D AND 5SOS like a girl band.

actually i've met Alan a lot because he's a friend to my parents.and he started asking questions to us.

"Soooo hi girls and of course bri i haven't seen you in a while and you grew up so fast and i love your dress by the way"Alan said to me said i giggled and said a 'thanks' to him.

"so now Girls how do you feel about hanging out with One Direction?i know you probably fangirl huh?"i decided to answer this one

"Actually nope we don't even like it but at least we can go to our own house while we don't really want to talk to them"i said and they all laughed.except for Niall.

"well yeah we're not lucky at all but at least we're lucky about having our house next to them so we can runaway whenever we want."Bett continued.

after some laughs and stuff Alan asked something i never thought i would ever hear it.

"So what about you girls?Are you planning on being something?"

"Yeah"we all said at the same time.

"i didn't know about this bri"Liam said.why did he call my name?

"It's a girly thing you know but not that once a month thing"i said and everybody laughed at Liam's face.Niall was dying of laughter.and he was clapping his hands.that's funny cause i do the exact same thing everytime i laugh so hard.

"So seriously what is your plan?"harry said

"A girl band maybe"paula said

"you mean you want to sing?"Zayn asked

"yup"sky said and everybody cheered.

"okay so congrats babes"Alan said

"aw thanks actually 5 sauce knew about it so yeah"i said

"what will your name be?"louis asked

"well we talked to 5 sauce and we decided to choose something funny"i explained

"And?"niall said

me and the the girls laughed at our name and 5sauce joined us

"3 hours of winter"we all screamed and everybody started laughing so did we.

"we'll be 3how"i said between the laughs.

after laughing for like 5 minutes we stopped.

"So let's get back to the rumors"Alan said

"ughhhhhhhh okay"i growled

"So you and Nia-"he was saying but i cut him off

"no no no we're not dating we don't even like each other "i said shaking my head.

"yup she speaks the truth"niall agreed with me

"okay so we'll see you next month then,holding hands,kissing in paris hugging tweeting pics and say ni-"Alan said but i cut him off and everybody laughed.

"haha yeah sure.but really we're not dating"

"So how are your parents?"he asked us

"They are great"we all said

"but actually we haven't seen them in a while so we kinda miss our families"Tani said and we all nodded our heads

"yeah but i missed my brother too so i'm glad i'm here but i've got a brother and sister in New York so i'm kinda confused"i said

"but bri you've been there for 2 years and you didn't see us for the past two years so let's be honest you should miss us more than them."Calum said.he was right.

"of course and bri i got a question what is with you girls and accents?"Alan asked me.Why me?

"well Paula is american,i am half british half australian,Bett is half german half Sky and Tani are british so that's why we all speak british except for paula but about us actually we decided to live in NYC because of our parents' jobs you know"i explained

"ok so i should talk in australian accent with you and 5 sauce"Alan said

"juste?"he continued

"well if you want to but what you said was FRENCH"i said and he laughed.

"SO EVERYBODY THE BOYS AND THE GIRLS HAVE A SURPRISE FOR US IN HERE"Alan yelled to the crowd and they all screamed

"WE ARE GOING TO THE WHERE WE ARE TOUR TOGETHER"We all yelled even though i wasn't that excited i thought that i have to enjoy everything in my life and i don't have to let these guys ruin my life so i'll be happy for the tour and me and the girls album will come out before the tour so this will be our first tour as a girlband.yaaay

Anyways everybody started screaming for us and after our interview we all went out and just wow when we went out we saw like a million girls waiting out there my jaw dropped so do the girls.

the boys went and took some pictures with the fans and we decided to wait for them in the the car i saw a billboard in one of the girls hands it said 'I LOVE THE HEMMO'S FAMILY'

I started laughing at know having fans is not that bad







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