Somebody To You (1D fanfic)

All i wanna be all i ever wanna be is somebody to you.
What happens when 5 girls who hate One Direction have to hang out with them?What will happen?Will they start to like them?Can the boys let them go?Or they'll just fall for them?
Find Out In : Somebody To You


4. Chapter 3 (Girls Or Boys?Maybe Both)

Niall's P.O.V

We've been sitting here for almost half an hour.i was bored and hungry.

"i just crashed into a girl when i was coming out of the apartment."i told the boys as i sighed.

"Really?well guys remember that my sister and the girls hate y'all know what to do right?"We all nodded to Luke.

"Mate,she's your twin then why are you guys so different?i mean like you love us and she hates us.You are kinda serious and it seems like she's fun"

"i don't know why i just know that she's more like Michael than me.......oh guys they're here"

I saw Michael went and hug a girl and oh my god what the...That girl is the one who bumped into me.

I'm So Lucky.

After whispering some stuff into Luke's ear they finally came and sat next to us.

"Hi.We're one direction" we all said at the same time.

"oh wow i thought you guys were The Saturdays Girls"that girl said with a chuckle.

"Bri stop"Luke that's Luke's sister.

She high fived Michael.

"hahaha anyways i'm Brianna.i know you already knew this because you have Luke here who always tells everything to everyone"she said with a smirk on her face.

"I'm Paula"



"and i'm Skylar and can i have a pic?"finally a fan

"Sky"Bri growled.Gosh this Bri is rude.

"First i'm only rude with you guys and second i do not remember that i've ever let you call me Bri!"

"Dude did i just say that out loud?"

"Yea you did mate"Louis chuckled.

"so Brianna did you calm down after bumping into a hot guy like me"

"Well yes i wasn't intrest in you you are just another guy."

"woah hold on you guys know each other?"Calum asked.

"well sadly yes"i answered i gave her a death glare.

anyways Sky went and took a pic with Lou.

God i'm hungry

Liam's P.O.V

Gosh Ni and Bri are walking on my nervous.They've been fighting for almost 15 minutes.

I liked that Tanisha girl she was like the mother of the girls she almost asked bri to stop arguing with Niall 4 times and i was saying the same to niall.

"Psst.Tanisha!"I whispered.

"What?who?me?what do you want?"

"will you come with me to buy drinks for these idiots?"

"why would i?"

"uh c'mon i don't bite"

"not sure if you do or not but okay anyways"as we walked we started to talk.

"So you always should control the girls huh?"

"um yeah cause if i don't then they'll kill each other especially Bri"

after having a conversation with her i told her that we should meet each other more and she agreed i was surprised anyways we went to the guys with the drinks.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Skylar stop talking you're eating my brain."that girl called Betty growled.

She was right ,sky was talking with Lou for about 15 mins with no stop.How could she breathe?

why can't that bri girl stop arguing with my Ni?

"No i was hungry first"bri said to niall

"No i was hungry first not you"niall was arguing with her.

"no it was me" Really?they're fighting over that who was hungry first?

"no it was not you"

"no way it was m-"

"Stop you hungry idiots"Me and Betty cut them off at the same time.

"What is wrong with you two?"Luke yelled.Serious Luke is back.

"Mate i was hungry first and she keeps saying that she was the first one who was hungry"

"Well it's because i was hungry first"oh here we go again.

"no you weren't stop it"

"woah you two stop."harry said FINALLY

"Harry you better shut up and go continue flirting with paula"Bri growled.

"guys stop yelling people are staring"liam said.Daddy boy aw.

Harry was working on Paula really hard.flirty one.

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