Somebody To You (1D fanfic)

All i wanna be all i ever wanna be is somebody to you.
What happens when 5 girls who hate One Direction have to hang out with them?What will happen?Will they start to like them?Can the boys let them go?Or they'll just fall for them?
Find Out In : Somebody To You


2. Chapter 1 (London)

Betty's P.O.V


"I caaaaan't but um ..... i don't know um-"i cut her off.

"Stop it already.We have a plane to London and i swear if it goes without us because of you i'm not gonna let you eat

anything for 2 hours"

"Ok ok i'm comin' let's go"Now i feel better.

When we arrived in the plane we sat on our seats.Bri should really stop screaming.

our seats are like this :

Me and Paula are next to each other ,and luckily Bri is next to Tanisha and Sky is in the next line but she's near us.

"I'm so excited we're gonna live in our own house YAY"Sky said.

"es me tw i aw eawlly ex-"Bri was saying but Tani cut her off

"ok i get it you're excited too now please Stop talking with your mouth full of chips"

They both started laughing

Why am i friends with these people?

The whole time Bri was talking to Tani and they were planning on shopping.i just decided to get some sleep at least it's better than lestening to Bri eating while talking.

*After 5 hours in plane finally in london*

I woke up with someone shaking me.Let me guess who's shaking me.....oh wait of course it's Bri.

"Wakey wakey you stupid lazy lazy"Ughhhh i hate it when she does this and she knows it she should stop doing this every morning.

"Bri stop singing that stupid thing that you and michael sing together every morning,and tell me where are we?"

"We're in London now get up my dad sent a car and by the way Bri is right you're stupid"Sky said

As we went out : as always Bri ran to the market and bought herself ice cream,Paula started reading the map and i bet Sky was planning on her next prank.Tanisha was reading her new book.

Bri's P.O.V

This is amazing i love it so much i can't wait to meet Michael and Luke I miss them so much.I miss our pranks with michael and calum plus ashton.the ones that we used to put on Luke.i was in my dreams until somebody shouted

"YAAAAAY WE ARE HERE"the only one who loves screaming except for me is the one and only Sky.we got out of the car and wow no paps here YET.i decided to call mike to surprise him.

"Guys I'm gonna call Mikey and tell him we're here"i said

they all nodded.For the first time in my life i have to admit that they all agreed with me.

i dialed his number.he's number is in my favorites so it's easy to find it.He picked up the phone really quick.Gosh i was scared at first cause he just yelled in my ear that's my boy.


"Aw my micky mouse how are you??"

"Amazing where are you guys??i'm excited to meet you i just miss you so much."aw he's so sweet.i wanted to surprise him so i will not tell him that we're there.

"Can you please go out of the building and take our suitcases?we'll be there in a few mins"

"ok i'm downstairs wait a minu.... (after a few seconds) Oh my god " i giggled

He hung up aw i didn't know he missed me that much cause he just ran to me and i just jumped on him he hugged me reeeeeeeeeally tight i couldn't breathe.

"I've missed you babe"i growled.

"I've missed you too but Michael i can't breathe"

"Oh sorry" he let go FINALLY.Well that's michael always adorable even when he does something wrong.

He hugged each of the girls and we went into the elevator.We talked the whole time in the elevator and Bett was just sighing.

"Come on guys Luke got a surprise for you and good your apartment is next to ours" me and michael screamed at the

same time.awwww He's so adorable.

This will be fun,so much fun actually.

"Lucky Luke i've missed you"i screamed.

he hugged me soooooo tight.i couldn't breathe is not my day to breathe.

"What is wrong with you guys?You missed me so much?"

"Yes we did.NOW GROUP HUG GUYS"Calum yelled.i giggled

i just missed these stupid things.

We all group hugged.we let go after about 2 minutes.

"So what's your BIG surprise Lucas?"Tanisha asked.She always calls him Lucas.

"Well guys tonight we're going out for dinner at Nando's"oh no this can't be omg this is just oh my god.

"OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH YAAAAAY"i screamed.They were all staring at me like i just killed someone.

"What?Y'all know i love Nando's more than my own mother"We decided not to wait and go take a nap and then get ready.

"GIRLS LET'S GO.We have a dinner night we should get ready"Paula shouted.

As we arrived to our house i ran into the bathroom.It's 5 right now.Michael said he will call and tell us when are we leaving


MWAH - Bri<3

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