Detention // Luke Hemmings au

In which two rebellious teens get stuck in detention,together.


9. 8: Desk

Detention 8

Song of the chapter: Wildest Dreams-Taylor Swift


He likes me.

Oh my god.

He likes me!

We haven't even known each other for three hours and he likes me.

I smile at the note and take his pencil from his hand. I write 'cool' on it.

Cool? What's wrong with me? Shouldn't I tell him I like him too?

I erase the word and write 'I like you too' instead.

I hand it over to him and he reads it. He looks over at me and bites his lip. I look away until I'm sure he's not biting his lip anymore.

He taps my shoulder. I look over at him and he leans in.

"Luke." Ms. Crowley warns and glares.

He sighs and wraps his arm around my shoulders.

About ten minutes later, Ms. Crowley stands up.

"Calum you're able to leave along with you two." She points to two 'nerdy' kids in the back. "Luke and Amber. You two have to stay for about a fifteen more minutes."

The three stand up. Calum waves and shyly smirks at Luke. Ms. Crowley leaves to escort them to the front office.

Luke lifts me onto the desks and moves to hover over me,holding himself up with the palms of his hands.

He forcefully pushes his lips on mine.

I gasp but instantly wrap my arms around his neck,deepening the kiss. He grunts and twists his head,pushing his lips past mine and tangling our tongues together.

The way he's making me feel is unbelievable. I've never felt like this before. Not even with my ex,who I knew for three years before we dated.

I wrap my fingers in his hair.

"Pull." He says in my mouth.

I nod and gently tug on his hair. He moans and rubs against my thigh.

"I could take you right now,ya know." He slightly pulls away. "In detention."

I roll my eyes and pull him down to kiss me again. "Not yet,Luke."

He chuckles. "One day."

I pull on his hair again,earning a small moan from him.

He pulls away a little and grins at me.

"That was quite hot,Lucas." I whisper.

He winks and pecks my lips before climbing off of the desk, helping me down too. Even when I don't need the help.

"So after detention,would you like to go on a date with me?" He asks.

I feel myself blush. "When that bell rings in less than 10 minutes, I will immediately go on a date with you."

He smiles again. "I wouldn't have taken no for an answer. So, good thing you said yes."

He grasps my hand again.

"I'm glad you asked me." I say.

"Me too. If not, I would've been really mad at myself. By the way, I need your number." He says and takes his phone out of his pocket.

He hands it to me and I type my number into his phone, with the contact name 'Amber😘'.

I give it back to him and feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"I texted ya." He says.

"Good. Not put your phone away before Ms. Crowley comes back."

"Why? He have like....four minutes left. I guarantee she won't be back."

"Wanna bet?" I ask.

He nods. "For sure."

"If she comes back before the bell, we go to the beach after our date." I say.

He nods again. "Sounds good."

I smile and peck his cheek.

"Do you ditch school?" I ask.

"Yeah. Most of the time. Who needs school? It wastes time. People say to live your life to the fullest because life is short. But, how are you suppose to do that when you're trapped in a jail all day long?" He says.

I nod,getting where he's coming from. "That's very true."

Ms. Crowley walks into the room with less than two minutes to spare.

I smirk at Luke and he chuckles.

"You win." He whispers,only so I can hear.

I nod. "I always do." I joke.

He rolls his eyes playfully. And with that, the bell rings.



Woooo detention is over for them and now you get to see them outside of the detention room.

Who knows what will happen?

Luke and Amber might fall in love. They might lose their virginity to each other...eventually say those three words...

Or their 'relationship' could crash and


You never know.

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