Detention // Luke Hemmings au

In which two rebellious teens get stuck in detention,together.


4. 4: Hands

Detention 4

Amber was staring at Luke. Luke was looking straight ahead.

"Is your name Lucas?" Amber asks.

Luke turned around and nodded. "Lucas Robert Hemmings,yeah."

"Mines just Amber. Obviously." Amber replies.

"What's your middle name?"




"Amber Harper Jones." Luke says. "I like the way it flows."

She nods and smiles. "But, you know, you really should dye your hair pink. Like at the ends. It'd look cool."

He chuckles. "Maybe after we get out of this detention. We could hang,too,yeah?"

Amber nods and he smiles. "I'm gonna move my seat closer to you so we can talk." He says.

Luke scoots the desk over and connects their desks at the end. He sits down so their arms are touching.

Amber bites her lip. Why is he doing this?

He looks over at her. "Hey, wanna hold my hand?" He asks confidently.

Amber looks over at him. "Hmm?"

"Look..." He moves his hand towards hers and intertwines them.

Amber smiles to herself. He was holding her hand.

Luke moves his thumb along her hand.

Amber feels butterflies in her stomach. What is this? Why is she feeling this way?

I know exactly why. Amber is nervous.

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