Detention // Luke Hemmings au

In which two rebellious teens get stuck in detention,together.


2. 2:Notes

Detention 2


That's all detention was, a room full of teens and absolute silence.

Amber sighs loudly. Mrs. Crowleys head snaps up with a deathly glare. Amber rolls her eyes and look at the boy next to her,Lucas,as Mrs. Crowley writes something on a piece of paper. She kicks Lucas' chair.

He slowly turns his head a little. "Yes?" He says just above a whisper.

Amber brings her finger to her lips,telling him to be quiet.

'Sorry.' He mouths.

Amber nods a little and holds her finger out to him, telling him to wait a minute.

Amber gets into her backpack and pulls out a piece of paper and pencil. She writes 'So what'd you do?' and passes it to Lucas. Lucas likes to be called Luke. So let's stick with that.

Luke reads the paper and bites his lip.

I still can't even believe these two have never met. They are always in detention. Amber has seen Luke,yes,but she never spoke to him.

Luke takes his pen and replies back to Amber with 'I was smoking on campus,whip creamed Mr. Hughes car,shook up some soda before opening it in Ms. Louses classroom,and painted on Mrs. Stewarts office walls.'

He hands the paper back over to Amber.

Amber sits there. He smokes. He's bad.

Amber. Likes. Bad.

Just like any other girl, Amber had a type.

And Luke, Luke was definitely her type.

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