Detention // Luke Hemmings au

In which two rebellious teens get stuck in detention,together.


18. 17: Michael's Crush

Detention 17

Song of the chapter: Smile-Avril Lavigne


"Why do you have to be so fucking adorable?" I ask him. "I'm so lucky."

Luke shrugs. "It's just something I guess I'm good at,babe."

I roll my eyes playfully. "We should probably change the sheets soon. And it smells like sex in here."

He kisses my cheek. "So what?"

"So...if freaking Michael walks in here he'll most likely know we had sex."

"Oh yeah. True." Luke replies and pecks my lips. "I have some spray stuff that smells like lavender."

"And why does Luke Hemmings have lavender spray?" I ask.

"Don't ask." He pokes my cheek as he stands up,naked,walking towards his bathroom.

He has a nice ass.

Honestly I don't know why he's still naked. He's a weirdo...but I love him.

I stand up too, and pull the sheets off of Luke's bed.

He comes back out of his bathroom with a spray can and holds down the trigger,making the room smell like lavender.

He stands behind me,resting his head on my shoulder. I reach my arm around us and tap his butt.

"Put some clothes on,Lukey."

He chuckles and kisses my cheek.

"Guess what." I say.


"Michael won't smell our sex." I giggle at myself.

I look over to the side and see him pull some sweatpants up.

"You're such a weirdo." He grins.

"Shush!" I throw his sheets into his hamper. "Got any more sheets?"

He nods and opens a cabinet in his room. "Pick one."

I take out a light purple sheet and make his bed.

He smiles again. "Thank you,Amber."

"No problem,Lukey."

We walk out of his room and sit on the couch. Michael walks in the front door. Luke intertwines our fingers. Michael looks at Luke and I's hands,then quickly looks away.

Luke squeezes tightly and leans down to my ear. "He likes you. I just know it."

I squeeze his hand back. "It's okay,Lukey. I'm yours."

He sighs and nods.

"Pizza will be here soon." Michael sits on the couch,without looking at Luke and I.


"He wants you,Amber." Luke says.

For the past two days Luke has been worried about Michael.

"Luke it's fine. I don't want him." I reply to him.

"He better not try anything. I'll kill-"

"Luke." I snap and stand up. "You can't say that about your friend. I know you're a bit upset about this but you seriously can't say that. That's too far."

He sighs and opens his arms. I walk into them. "I know. But seriously I will-"

"Luke. That's enough." I look up at him. "I love you. Not him."

He nods. "I love you too."


"You staying over tonight too?" Michael asks me while sitting on the couch. I nod.

"Yeah probably." I reply. I got here,not really knowing Luke wouldn't be home. Michael told me he's at the grocery store shopping for food.

We're on rodeo break right now,so we have this week off of school. Thank god.

"Do you like me?" I ask Michael.

His head snaps towards me. "Well...yeah...yeah a little bit. I get jealous of Luke."

I sigh. "You can't like me. You shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"Because I love Luke." I reply. "And I don't want you to like me."

"Well it's not something I can control,Amber."

I stay quiet.

The door opens and Luke walks in with grocery bags.

"Why are you here alone with Michael?" He asks shakily.

"I came here to hang out with you. Michael said you'd be back soon so I waited." I say.

" nothing happened." He sets the bags on the counter. "R-right?"

"No,Lukey. Nothing happened." I whisper and wrap my arms around his neck.

He smiles and sets his hands on my waist. I kiss him softly.

"Would you like me to help you put this stuff away?" I ask.

He nods. "Sure."


"I want to make love with you." I whisper to Luke,that night.

He nods. "I want to make love with you too. With candles and under the blankets and soft music."

I blush. "That's romantic."

He strokes my cheek. "We'll make love soon. I promise."

I smile. "Okay,I'm gonna go to bed."

"Goodnight,I love you." He pecks my lips.

"I love you too." I reply.

I close my eyes and fall asleep in Luke's strong arms.

I wake up in the morning because Luke isn't in the bed. "Luke?" I sit up and smell the smell of bacon and eggs.

I smile a little and get out of his bed,walking into the other room. Luke stands in the "kitchen" making breakfast.

I walk up behind him and peck his bare back. He turns around and hugs me tightly. "Goodmorning baby. How'd you sleep?"

"Great." I smile widely.

"I'm making us breakfast."

"I see that." I reply.

When breakfast is done,Luke hands me a plate with the eggs shaped in a heart and bacon neatly stacked on the side. He sits next to me with his plate and I lean my head on his shoulder.

Luke takes a tiny piece of his bacon and throws it at Michael's face,who's sleeping on the couch.

"Luke!" I nudge him.

He laughs. "Mikey! Wake up!"

Michael stirs before opening his eyes.

Luke nods to a plate on the coffee table. "Breakfast."

Michael groans and sits up,taking the plate. "Thanks Luke. God I'm tired."

"You can sleep again when you're done eating." Luke says.

Michael nods.

We all eat our breakfast and talk about the most random things.

Let's just say that morning with Luke was one of the best.



Hiiii so here's a longer chapter and Michael likes Amber and Luke doesnt like that Michael likes Amber and yeah. I hope this wasn't too boring lol.

Leave a like and stuff woo

I love you guys!!

-Mikayla (I'm gonna start like signing off I guess?)

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