Ask The Big Four

Hi there guys!

Heard of us? :D


You can ask us questions!

We also accept dares c:


1. Ask Us!

{ Everyone is sitting in a circle with beanbags and junk food everywhere }

Rapunzel: -looks up- Hi there! 

Jack: Are you gonna ask us questions or what? ._.

Merida: Don't be such a grumpy pants, lighten up, Frost. 

Jack: Hey-

Hiccup: Please don't bicker right now /.\ it isn't the time. 

Jack & Merida: -glares at each other- Fine. 

Rapunzel: -nervous laugh- That's not the right way to start an Ask Book >.>

Merida: -grumbles- Sorry.

Jack: Anyway, feel free to ask us questions! 

Hiccup: We also accept dares!

Merida: We- ay Hiccup that was my line -.-

Hiccup: ... Well I'm tired, let's go to bed! 

Rapunzel: Sheesh, you guys argue so much...

{ The lights turn off and the four go to sleep. }


So... Yeah! Feel free to ask or dare them anything :) 

We may not get round to all dares/questions, so we're sorry if we miss out on yours :\ 

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