Worst year

Worst year /fighting/Selena gomez/ justin bieber


1. endless friend ship

"Emily I,I," as soon as Justin was about to finish his sentence Selena cut him off "Justin babe get in the car" that bitch I thought to my self " well I gtg bye emily " I watched Justin as he went in the car. I walked in side and got a text saying "hey emily meet me at the park 8:05 Justin xx so I put my phone in my bra and put my black and white converse on and rush out the door as soon as I got there I saw him and Selena kissing on the chair I heard Selena saying " Justin lets go back to my place" I ran home and started crying.

The next day

At school Justin walked up to me and said " emily "

Until that bitch Selena came and screamed "Justin I'm pregnant" everyone turn at her I just walked away not bothered to say anything he ran after me and said " whats wrong em" I just looked at him and I got tears starting in my eyes I said " go back to Selena she needs you " I ran off crying again knock knock ! I went to see who it was and it was Selena " look brat Justin is mine now and he is now a father so back off" I cut her off saying " you know what Selena your a bitch you fucked Justin so u can get baby's and he would come make you famous well guess what fuck you" I shut the door in your face 10 min later I got a call from Justin " em why did u yell at Selena she crying come on be friends" " you know what Justin drew Bieber I am over you you only what Selena so go have her u bitch I don't care about you or her I don't wanna know you anymore" I ended his call and deleted his number and cried so hard I felt sick after. " what's wrong Hun " my mum asked she just stayed with me and hugged me a while " oh yea a boy came over before and said if u call you something important

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