Onaya's little artbook

It's my artbook :)


26. Youtaites


The fantastic Howl from Brazil is one of my favorite Youtaites right now. Total fangirling him xD This is like my 3th sketch of him.

Ashe with his sexy voice and everything. Well He is the most known Youtaite (male) and actually has a song there is played in japnese radios :3

And me. I'm not a offical youtaite yet, but I'm on way as soon I have found a animator and a mixer.

JubyPhonic is the most known youtaite of everyone with her english covers of vocaloid songs. She is still learning to sing, but her translation of the japenese songs has made her very populary.

And Razzy with his sexy raspy voice is also one of my favorite Youtaites!

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