Onaya's little artbook

It's my artbook :)


29. Portrait - Progress!

For first time I wanna show a progress of something - and I show a progress of KumastaH - the youtaite singer.

Before beginning I must tell that I'm horrible to lips and teeth. You are welcome to comment about it but don't expect to much with my lips and teeth, oright?

Also the picture I used as reference was very blurred

This did it very hard for me to hit 100%. Thank you for reading this before looking.

The rough sketch. I only sketch rough and fast for find out where my lines should be.

Well, I start indside and go out for not making a frame where I shall push rest into. If I start inside and go out does I not have a frame and can move things if I want to.

The face and it's shape is my number three. I get face and hair moved into where it belongs and begin on the body afterwards.

The cartoony like end. It's still not reminding about what we try to draw yet. There is no shading and he just looks like a detailed cartoon character. 

The details make live. My shading on portraits is very sketch like but it works and do the portrait more realistic than before.

Before this portrait had I only drawn six portraits before. My first portrait was crap, I must admit. my second was where I did draw after another artist, the third was of KumastaH too(The one you have seen in the chapter: portrait of KumastaH)  then a little demon child from free imagination and two profil portraits of my character Illsaid "Wolfen" Nimaku, also of free imiganition. 

So this is my 7th portrait and I believe I can get much better to both skinshading and lips/teeth in my future in for art. What with you?

Will you try now?

Leave a comment and I can help you. Suggest what i shall help you with and I will try to make a step-by-step chapter with it. Thank you for reading this chapter <3

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