Onaya's little artbook

It's my artbook :)


31. Portrait 8 - Progress

I choosed to make a progress more after this progress was on one of my best portraits.

It took me nearly seven hours to make and in the seven hours I was eating dinner and clean my room too.

The picture was again blurred and hard to look after.

Tools used: HB, B2 and B4 pencils.


I started with a rough sketch as always.

I did lineart the face - as I always does second after sketching.

Then I linearted rest - as third.

I began the black/white/grey colouring from the left side of the paper for not getting a black hand of the colouring.

I did make all the details to it's finish before beginning shading and that stuff.

Aaaaaaand finish. All details, shadows and such on is finish. 


Thank you for reading/looking at this chapter :D

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