Onaya's little artbook

It's my artbook :)


32. Is he not just cute?

Okay, you guys must be pretty tired of looking at these portraits of the same guy, right? Well. I got a four day period where I was going to make 1 portrait of him for 4 days. Now is that done. But he is pretty adorable. Believe me. I'm dreaming about that I someday can hug him... someday (Yearh, that is never going to happen, Onaya)

Well. If you then think I can't draw other portraits I have to say I can. I'm working on drawing Nipah and his boyfriend and working on my mom, me and another cute guy <3

It's a shame that there had happen a misunderstanding over the internet. Unlucky misunderstandings is very easy over the internet because you can't see the person. If now I had talked to him I wouldn't sit and cry here in Denmark.

Enough about that. But that here is my last portrait of him (for now) ^^

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