Mix Emotions


1. first day

I walk into an empty stage and a crowed full of people. I looked around, confused. Where am I? You could hear the crowed screaming on the top if their lungs. The fans were yelling something but the words were jumbled in my head until I could hear them perfectly. "SING US A SONG!"

I now realized I was at a concert, but I was the act.

I've been singing and playing instruments my whole life this was no big deal.

All of a sudden I stared singing but no noise came out of my mouth. Did I loose my voice? Then the people in the crowds were yelling at my to get off the stage. This has never happened to me before. All the rude comments were getting mixed in my mind and I couldn't see. My eyes were blurry and I couldn't move. Then I blacked out on stage.

I started screaming. Rubbing my eyes and looking at my alarm clock. Really another bad dream? I put one leg out of my bed at a time.

"Darcy wake up it's the first day of school!"-Linn 

"Ok Linn."- Darcy 

"When will you call me mom?"- Linn

"When you prove you're a good one."- Darcy 

Me and my mom have a....I would say a terrible relationship. It's not very complicated. She cheated on my dad. I caught her and told my dad. Then they got a divorce and he went back with her. Which was a terrible mistake. 

"Get your ass down here now."- Linn 

So I got out of bed did my morning routine. Makeup, hair, 

Etc... I ran down stairs ate as fast as I could to ignore my mom.

"You will talk to me one day."-Linn

"Yah yah bye."- Darcy 

I grabbed my car keys and flew out the door. On my way driving to school I picked up my friend Rebecca.

"What's up my homie."- Rebecca

"Oh nothing my mom is still a pain in the ass but other then that I wish I could kill myself."- Darcy 

"DARCY are you kidding me, don't say stuff like that it makes me think you will one day."- Rebecca 

"It's just I hate my mom, my boyfriend just broke up with me, and I have no friends. I hate that I had to move to Australia."- Darcy 

"It's not that bad, you have me. And we have cute guys that play instruments at our school."-Rebecca 

Then she winked at me

"Likes bands?"-Darcy 

"Ya you could say that."-Rebecca 

"Who's your favorite artist ?"-Darcy 



"5sos as in five seconds of summer."-Rebecca

"Why only five seconds?"-Darcy 

"Oh my god, just park right here."-Rebecca 

We pulled into the school parking lot.

"So who is the person that is going to help you around the school?"-Rebecca 

"I have no clue?"-Darcy 

"If you get any of the 5sos boys I will kill you."-Rebecca 

Me and Rebecca walked to the front office to the school. 

"Hi my name is Darcy I'm new here."-Darcy 

The front office lady didn't even look at me. 

A boy with wavy reddish brown hair shot out of a chair and looked me in the eye with his huge hipster glasses. 

"Hi Darcy? Hi my name is Ashton."-ashton 

I looked over at Rebecca and she was over by the door way giving me a death glare. I looked over at ashton and he saw the way Rebecca was looking at me. 

"Was it something I said?"-ashton 

"No she can be an ass sometimes."-Darcy 

I looked back and Rebecca started walking away.

"Anyway I was assigned to help you around the school so you won't get lost."-ashton 

"Cool lets get started."-Darcy 

After a while he showed my the whole school and we got a pass out of first block just so I could walk around with ashton. 

"Can I see your schedule?"-ashton 

"Yeah sure!"-Darcy 

He was scrolling through the classes on the piece of paper. While he was reading he smiled, I guess that means we have classes together. He has a beautiful smile. 

"We have 3 classes together today! And I see you have a couple classes with my buddies tomorrow."-ashton

"Who are your buddies?"-Darcy 

"Luke hemmings, Calum hood, and ummm Michael clifford."-ashton 

"Is their something wrong with Michael?"-Darcy 

Then the bell rang and everybody in the whole entire school came out into the hallways. 

"I will meet u in class!"-ashton 


"We got off the chairs we were sitting on and our hands let go of each other. We were holding hands? 

Ashton's POV

We stood up to the sound of the bell and I let go of her hand. I hope it wasn't awkward when we were holding hands I didn't even mean to hold it. Or did I? 

Darcy seems really nice, pretty, her laugh was adorable, and she seemed really into me. I felt like we click. I already feel like I could tell her anything.

"I will meet you in class!"


God she was beautiful. 

Darcy's POV 

I opened my locker got all my stuff and tried to hurry to my class but right when I was about to enter and someone shoved me into the wall knocking all my stuff on the ground. 

"Watch where you're going" 

A boy walked passed me with a smug look. He had a cut off muscle tee, ripped skinny jeans, and he had really messy hair."jerk" I said under my breath. Today is officially the worst day ever.

I walked over to sit next to ashton. 

"Do you mind if I sit here?"-Darcy 

"I was saving it for you anyway dar!"-ashton 


"My new nick name for you."-ashton 

"Fine I will forever call you ashy."-Darcy 

I smiled and winked and him and he smiled and rolled his eyes.

After the rest of the day of school with ashton the last bell to leave rang. I went to my locker and I saw Ashton's head pop out of nowhere. 

"Holy shit ashton."-Darcy 

"Did I scare you?"-ashton 

"Is that really a question?"-Darcy 

"No I just like messing with you."-ashton 

Ashton grew a huge smile on his face.

"So since we are in a lot of classes and if you still need my help with anything can I get your number?"-ashton 


I gave ashton my number and he walked me to my car.

"So this is your car?"-ashton 

"Yup you can tell because there is a sad Rebecca in the passengers side."-Darcy 

"Haha see you later Dar!"-ashton 

"See you later."-Darcy 

Then he hugged my good bye and I got into my car. 

"Becca what's wrong?"-Darcy 

"Maybe you could've asked me that earlier."-Rebecca 

"Fine be like that."-Darcy 

We didn't talk for the rest of the car ride. Then when I finally arrive home I threw my backpack on the ground and ran to my room. 

"How was your first day of school?"-Linn

"Fucking shit."-Darcy 

"Wow sorry I asked."-Linn 

I laid on my bed scrolling through my phone finding that ashton had already texted me. 


Hey Darcy is me ashy;) I can't wait for you to meet my friends tomorrow, they will LOVE you!!


I can't wait to meet them too:3

I changed Ashton's name so I could recognize him.


I want to warn you about Michael though.:-/


Wait what's wrong?


You might not like Michael, he's a bit pushy..


Who knows maybe we will like each other.


But I always be your fav;););)


Of course:)I gtg I have to eat dinner do homework then go to bed. Nighty night<3



But I lied, I was too stressed out to eat or do homework so I just passed out on my bed waiting for the next day to arrive.

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