5. Chapter 5 Tobias

I watch Tris gal asleep. I get up. I search my small apartment. I don't know what I'm looking for though. I lay back down and Tris wakes up. She looks confused. "Go back to sleep." I say quietly. "No, not yet." She says looking at me dreamily. She stares at me. "What?" I ask with a laugh. She closes her eyes and looks like she is thinking hard. "I think I'm in love with you." She says opening her eyes at the end. I go to kiss her. She puts her finger to my lips and smiles. I look at her. "I think we already covered that." I say and I push my lips to hers. Her finger falls and she kisses back. We stop. "Now go to sleep." She gives a sad smile and closes her eyes. Once she is asleep, I give her a kiss on her forehead and say," I think I love you too." And I fall asleep.

I dream that Tris and I are in my fear simulation. This time when we wake up, she hates me. She is yelling at me for being afraid. Then she falls. She dies. I wake up in the middle of the night. Tears running down my face. I'm breathing so hard, Tris wakes up. "What happened?" Tris starts screaming. "Um...nothing." I say embarrassed. "Tobias? What's wro-" Her eyes focus on the door. Then the table. Then back. I look. On the table is a syringe. Fear syrum dripping from the needle. The door is open slightly. And my neck has a small dot of blood on the side.

"Nothing happend?" Tris is loud. "What happened?" She comes close. She seems calmed down. She kisses me. When she lets go she mends our fingers together and says," You can trust me." Quietly. I look at our hands and breathe out hard.I explain my dream. She nods along. When I get to the part about her dying, I hesitate. "And then what happened?" She ask. She somehow knows something bad is about to happen. "And then you died." We had both covered that it was a fear simulation. She smiles. Then she kisses me. I pull back. "Your happy about this." I ask almost laughing. "You care about me." She says smiling. I'm afraid of her dying. Of not having her. And she knows. I smile. Then I kiss her hard. We stay like this for what seems like hours. We break apart. I wish we hadn't. "Of course I do." I say. Then we kiss again. "I think I'm in love with you too." I think.

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