4. Chapter 4 Tris

I read the note Tobias gave me in the training room. I feel a rush of excitement when I read it. Meet me at the tracks 11:00. Don't bring anyone. P.s. I love you.

"I love you to." I say to myself.

At 10:30 I head to the tracks. I get there at 10:50 and I see Tobias waiting. When he sees me he beckons me closer. I see the train lights coming around the corner. "We don't have to jump." He says hugging me. What? We didn't have to jump? When it gets closer I see Zeke and Christina hanging their heads out the doorway. Screaming at us. The train stops in front of us. "Hey!" Christina is loud. Tobias jumps on and helps me on. The train starts again. Zeke and Shauna are in the corner. Laughing. Zeke's arm around her. Uriah and Christina are doing the same. I look at Tobias smiling in suprise. "What?" He ask. Being coy on purpose. "What is this?" I ask laughing. He doesn't answer me. He leads me to a corner and we sit. Laughing. Talking. Being in love.

The train stops again. And we all get off. We are at the park we played capture the flag in. "What are we doing?" I ask. "You and Tobias are going off and-" Tobias gives Zeke a look. I smile as he raises his hands in surrender. Christina,Uriah,Shauna, and Zeke all walk away. Talking and laughing.

Tobias has my eyes covered. We laugh as I keep asking where we're going. When we finally get there he ask if I'm ready. "Yes!" I scream with a smile. When he takes his hands away, we're at the Farris wheel. I can't believe it. He starts to climb and I ask,"Your not going to jump are you?" "No." He replys, " just spending time loving you." He keeps climbing. I get up after him and I can tell he is nervous.

We spend what seems hours at the top laughing. Kissing. And doing it all over again. "Hey!" Zeke yells," Are you coming?" I wish we had more time together.

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