3. Chapter 3 Tobias

I am mad at the fear simulation. I thought I had gotten 'rid of Marcus. I didn't have to be afraid of him anymore. I'm trying to avoid Tris. The point of her coming with me was to show her that I had gotten better. The elevator door opens and Tris is there. Great. I walk in and Tris has a grin on her face. When the doors close I say,"I'm sorry, I didn't know that was supposed to happen." "What?" She says. She sounds like she can't believe anything ever told. "Is this about the fear simulation?" She asks irritable. I'm silent. "Tobias, I thought you did great!" She is getting angry, yet sympathetic. "Just because you still have four fears, doesn't mean I'm going to hate you or find someone else. Your the same person you were yesterday. The same person I love now and always will. Don't think that way." She ends. She pulls me closer and kisses me. She was right. This doesn't change anything. "Your acting like a girl." She manages to say in a laugh. "Never underestimate yourself. I love you no matter what." She says with a smile, her head against my chest. "I'll love you forever." I say. And we ride the rest of the way, my lips on hers.

By the time we get back to my apartment, Tris had already fell asleep at dinner twice. She and I lie on the bed. When she falls asleep, I cover us up and tell her I love her. Then I go to sleep myself.

I dream that Tris and I had gotten married and had grandchildren in a matter of seconds.

I wake to the smell of eggs and coffee. I come up behind Tris and attempt to kiss her neck but she turns around, catches my head and kisses me. We eat breakfast fast. And it's 10:00 by the time we get back to the compound. Christina looks like she hasn't had sleep in days. We walk up to her. Tris laughs at her. "Shut up." Christina says. "What's happend?" I ask. "Your friend Zeke, happened." She says sighing. "He had us up till midnight!" I wonder why. "What did he do?" I ask. "Kept us up till sunrise!" She sounds agitated,"I'm going to kill him!" I think of me and Tris in the bed together. "We slept great." Tris says with an evil grin. Christina mouth drops open. "Nothing like that!" I say laughing.

We leave and go to the training room to shoot. "I'll beat you."Tris says without looking at me. She had gotten stronger since the last time we had been here. I'm not her parent, but I really am proud of her. Tris grabs a pistol and Christina and I do the same without thinking. I slip the note I had wrote last night before I went to sleep in Tris' pocket. Christina smiles. I guess she saw. I hope it works. Tris hits the target six times before I can even get my gun loaded. After many shots, she look at me and says," Told you." I smile and come up to her and fit my lips to hers. "I knew you could. I say,"You always can." Christina watches as I pull away and I feel my face get hot as she screeches ," Aww!" We all laugh but now I want to strangle Christina. Zeke comes around the corner. He looks hungover and Christina almost lunge at his tumbling body. "Four come here!" He shouts. "I need to tell you something!" I look at Tris and she nods toward him with a smile. I leave hoping this is worth it.

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