2. Chapter 2 Tris

Four asked me to come in his fear simulation with him. Why? I was terrible at simulations. I remember scraping the ground crying for help when I was being pecked to death by crows and almost drowning in a tank of rising water. He told a fear had been replaced by another one, and it was about me.

When we get there he had already gotten the syringes and wires ready. I feel my face get hot. I guess its visible because Tobias walks toward me with a syringe in hand and says,"You don't have to come." I kiss him and say,"Yes I do." I let him poke me with the syringe and inject me with the syrum. After he hooks the wires and gets the program ready I says,"Be brave." And then I'm gone.

The first fear is heights. We pass it and the claustrophobic box with ease. When we get to the next fear, I know what is next. Marcus comes around the corner and Tobias is breathing hard. He looks mad. Marcus has dark pits as eyes and a black hole drooling on the floor as a mouth. He runs at Tobias and I push him out of the way. I know the reason I came here. To be Dauntless, not Divergent. I have to though. I imagine a gun shooting into the air. A couple seconds later, we are in the next fear. The image of Marcus laying on the ground,breathless, with a bullet in his head, will never leave me. In this fear Tobias doesn't seem to notice me. I hear a gurgling sound and Tobias starts running into nothing but blackness. I start after him. When I catch up he is giving CPR to a girl. She is pretty. She has blonde hair. Tobias is almost crying. He is doing everything he can but it is not enough. She dies. He stands and when he sees me, he runs to me and kisses me. "What?" I ask. "Nothing." He says out of breath. "We're about to be out." He says relieved. Then it hits me. The girl on the floor. The dead girl. Was me

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