I fell in love with my brothers best friend. (Trevor Moran Fanfiction)

"AUSTIN!!!!! TELL YOUR STUPID FRIEND TO GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" I yelled at my brother Austin.
"Dude! It's Trevor! Ya know, known him since you were three?"
"HEY! Don't hate me. I thought it was like, ummm, I don't know. Just give me a break!" I yelled as Trevor came out of the shower. His towel dropped. It will never be the same anymore.......


5. I have a secret.... Should I tell her?

Trevors POV


I wonder if I should tell her. Should I? NO Trevor are you insane?! I SHOULD!!! SHE'S GOING TO FIND OUT EVENTUALLY! FINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY! I'm so stupid. I'm having an argument with myself...... Am I making faces?

"Do you realise you think out loud?" Nikki asked.

"Did you hear all of it?"

"Yeah, and I know that you're apart of o2l. Austin told me like two years ago," she told me.

"Oh. Do you want to meet them?" I asked, but then I got worried. Sam is known to be the player in the group, so I'm kinda scared that he will take her from me. 

"Yeah that's cool. Is Sam going to be there?" She asked. 

"Yeah," I said. He better not break her heart. 


Sams POV


I can finally meet the girl that Trevor has been talking about for 4 years now. I hope she's pretty. I pull up to Austin's house, and Trevor and Austin are sitting outside. I wonder where this girl is. 

"Hey, Sam!" Austin walks up to me and gives me an awkward bro hug.....

"Hey, where's this girl that Trevor is ALWAYS talking about?"

"Oh, my sister is upstairs getting ready. She's soooo excited to meet you." Austin said, honestly, my heart just skipped a beat. I really hope she likes me. 

"Hey is Sam he- OMG! IT'S SAM!" She yells and runs up to me and gives me a hug. She isn't pretty at all. She's HOT.

"Hey, what's your name, beautiful?" I ask her and her face got red. 

"Nikki," she says quietly. 

"Well, Nikki, do you want to go out sometime?" I ask her. 

"Austin?" She asks her older brother. 

"Of course. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID, SAM!" Austin said, and I laughed. Of course I would. He's funny looking when he's mad.

"No worries, for the rest of your days," I sang, and he just broke down in hysterics. Now THAT was funny. 

"Don't worry, bout' a thing. Cause every little thing is gunna be alright. Don't worry big bro, i'm not as stupid as you," she said/sung. She has a really good voice. I have to record with her sometime. I looked over a Trevor, and he looked sad. I needed to talk to him. 

"Hey, Trevor, can I talk to you?" 

"Yeah, I guess," he said and we walked to the corner. 

"Do you mind if I take Nikki on a date tonight?"

"To be honest with you, Sam, no. I am not okay with you taking her out. Everybody knows you as the player, and I don't want her getting hurt.... I-I I love her, Sam. Ya know that feeling when you love somebody?" He asked. 

"No," I replied. 

"Of course you don't, you have never been in love with someone like I have. If you want to keep me a a friend, don't go out with her. If you wanna lose me, go right ahead. But if you do, I will NEVER forgive you." He said. His eyes were getting watery, I have never seen him cry before. She must really mean a lot. I want to keep him as a friend, so I will cancel the date. Just to make one of my best friends happy. 

"I'll call it off. Only if you stop crying." I said. 


"Yeah, really."

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