I fell in love with my brothers best friend. (Trevor Moran Fanfiction)

"AUSTIN!!!!! TELL YOUR STUPID FRIEND TO GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" I yelled at my brother Austin.
"Dude! It's Trevor! Ya know, known him since you were three?"
"HEY! Don't hate me. I thought it was like, ummm, I don't know. Just give me a break!" I yelled as Trevor came out of the shower. His towel dropped. It will never be the same anymore.......


3. He asked me WHAT?

Trevors POV


I walked into Nikki's bedroom and found her crying. 

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" I yelled at Austin. Nikki was the love of my life, and I hated seeing her cry. Even if I can't tell her that. It would just ruin our friendship. 

"I did nothing. She's just mad because I'm about to tell you the biggest secret EVER." He said, I really hope he says that Nikki likes me more than a friend. That would be the best gift a guy could ask for. 

"DON'T TELL HIM, AUSTIN!" Nikki screamed, with tears in her eyes, still. 

"Little man, your wish came true. She likes you back." Was all he said and Nikki and I looked at each other. A blush crept upon my face, and I walked out of the room awkwardly. 

I was halfway out the door, when I heard Nikki's voice. 

Nikkis POV


I can't believe that Trevor likes me back. Out of all the girls in our school, he picked me. I'm not pretty whatsoever, or at least in my opinion. Trevor awkwardly walked out of my room, and I followed him. I NEED to talk to him. I was out the room, and I called his name. 


"Yeah?" He replied.

"Is it true? Do you really like me?"

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I? You're AMAZING at basketball, and to top it off, you're beautiful. What more can a guy ask for?" He said walking up to me.

"Nikki Jones, will you go to junior prom with me?" 

"I-I... I would love to," I said and he leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back and then by brother walked out of my room clapping.

"Wow, I knew it was going to happen, just not this late. I could tell in both of your eyes that, from day one, liked each other. Finally." He said and just walked away. My life isn't going to change for the worse. It's going to change for the better. I can already tell. 


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