I fell in love with my brothers best friend. (Trevor Moran Fanfiction)

"AUSTIN!!!!! TELL YOUR STUPID FRIEND TO GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" I yelled at my brother Austin.
"Dude! It's Trevor! Ya know, known him since you were three?"
"HEY! Don't hate me. I thought it was like, ummm, I don't know. Just give me a break!" I yelled as Trevor came out of the shower. His towel dropped. It will never be the same anymore.......



Nikki's POV


I was sitting on the couch with my phone in my hands, and I was on instagram. I looked at Connor's feed because I just felt like it. I clicked it, and a picture came up with him and this girl. OMG! I KNOW HER! I yelled to myself in my head. It was my friend Jackie. I can't believe she got a boyfriend, Connor Franta at that! I called Jackie right up as soon as I saw the picture. 


J- I take it that you saw the picture? 

M- Well yeah, why didn't you tell me that you were dating Connor?

J- Because I didn't want to yet, we were going to wait a little longer.

M- Why didn't you tell me right away, though? I thought we were besties?

J- We are, it's just that I wanted to tell the whole group at a time, then we can go out for pizza later. 

M- Okay, just please no PDA while i'm around.

J- Can't make any promises. Got to go! BIEEEE

M- Jackie! WAIT!

She hung up. I can't wait until they tell everybody that Connor has a girlfriend. 

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