I fell in love with my brothers best friend. (Trevor Moran Fanfiction)

"AUSTIN!!!!! TELL YOUR STUPID FRIEND TO GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!" I yelled at my brother Austin.
"Dude! It's Trevor! Ya know, known him since you were three?"
"HEY! Don't hate me. I thought it was like, ummm, I don't know. Just give me a break!" I yelled as Trevor came out of the shower. His towel dropped. It will never be the same anymore.......


10. A/N

SORRY!!!!! I don't have that much time to update everyday, so I try my best! Don't hate me, but read my other book Moving in with the bully. I try to update that the most, and it has more chapters than this. I just wanna say thank you to ALL of my fans and the readers! You guys are what makes my inspiration grow. Love you all! Keep commenting!


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