The 8th Test

-Rated Yellow for violence-

The 8th Test. 7 assassins before me have failed, so little to no hope is left that I can finish the task. But have they ever seen such a cunning warrior like me? I am Cassia Swifthunter, a brave young woman.


1. 1.

I smirk as my knife pierce a nearby dove. Walking over to retrieve the blade, I hear a branch snap. A deer, most likely. I leave it alone. I've hunted enough deer. Truthfully, deer are one of the few animals I loathe killing. Seeing such a graceful animal struck down like that is terrible. But I do it for my family. I do it to support them. I snatch up the dead bird and slide the knife back into my pocket. Until next time.

As I'm about to turn and leave, I hear yet another branch break. A clumsy deer, I suppose. But a thought crosses my mind, a thought of a competitor on my hunting ground. Is it just a lost child, wandering where his nose not ought to be? Or is it a grown man, fully armed and ready to strike? My fingers brush over the top of my longbow. Do I dare shoot? What if it is just an innocent soul, lest I be subjected to a criminal record. No, I'd rather not have that. At least not today.

I sneak down to get a better look, careful not to cause a rockslide. It's a young man, who appears to have a rather oblivious expression. I knew it wouldn't be a woman. Woman in their right mind stay at home and sew and clean the house. He is bending over to get a drink. I've waited long enough. He needs to know of my presence.

"Halt!" I scream, and he jumps. He looks up and backs up into a tree. I pull my bow out and dock an arrow. It's aimed directly at his heart.

"What are you doing here?" I shriek.

"I got lost. That's all!" He whimpers. His grief-stricken face is depressing. I sigh quietly. The arrow is still aimed at him. I slowly move it over a small bit. Releasing the string, the arrow fires, and smashed into the tree about an inch from his head.

"Consider yourself lucky." I say glaring. As I turn the other direction, he finally decides to speak.

"Cassia. Cassia Swifthunter, right? The one chosen for the 8th test?" He asks.

"Yes." I say quickly. A tear forms in my eye. Why am I being an emotional schoolgirl? What is wrong with me! I know I can do the task, why am I crying!

Then I see why. They're tears of joy. The slight smile on my face shows that I'm happy someone recognized me. Happy and proud.

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