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This is a place in which I dump all sorts of stuff, fandom related or other. A bit like the Random Book....

But hey


2. Smack - Something I made several years ago

I made this particular crack-y fic-y thing about the same time as the previous one, and it was actually a school project draft. In fact, a lot of my school project drafts end up pure crack. But this one was a fairy tale project. This fic was made with the E side of lolly sisters, I wonder, do you still remember it? 




Once upon a time, a long, long time ago that was round about 42 Wednesdays ago at exactly 3:22 pm New Zealand standard time, Smack's mother, Steak, send him out to sell the dog. On the way Smack met an idiot man who wore a suit of giant skyscrapers. From his place in the troposphere the man yelled


''Hey, down there! Wanna sell that dog?''


Smack was hyperventilating, but yelled

''You’re a blinking giant! Sure!!''


''Here take these tiny things, NOW PUT YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR AND GIVE ME THE DOG!'' said the skyscraper man.


Smack scurried off leaving the dog to die of lack of oxygen when the man lifted him up. The insane skyscraper man chucked a handful of the tiny things at Smack’s face. One caused a large laceration on his face.


'Every man for himself' he said, as he thought about the fate of his dog as he sprinted off, clutching his 'tiny things'.


When he got home he was bombarded by his mother who wanted to know where they got the tiny things from.

"You traded that USELESS dog for some EVEN MORE USELESS tiny things!!" His mother squealed hysterically, "We were better off with that..that....that......?"

Smack's mother grabbed the tiny things and chucked them out the penthouse into the outdoor garden.


*This is a crack!fic. Do not question how they got from wherever they were at the beginning to the penthouse.*


"Why do we even have a penthouse?" asked Smack which was a really good question because they didn't own the penthouse and they lived in the basement.

Then the world was ended by a careless pair of brothers and a gay angel. Smack and his mother, sadly, perished. They never found out exactly why they were in the penthouse.


The end.

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