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2. the letter

Today's the day that will determine my life for the next 7 years. I hear Albus and James in the next room laughing. Probably planning out pranks to pull on me. My oldest brother James is the biggest bully on earth. Yesterday he said I'm not good enough to get in to hogwarts.

When both of my brothers were my age they both could produce patronis charms easily. I can't even cast a simple alohomora charm. I'm useless. Also Albus and James could fly over 300 mph on a broomstick. My mother of all people, the number one quidditch female champion in all of Britain won't even let me touch a broom. She's retired now nut her legacy still lives on. I walk sheepishly down the steps of number 4 private drive. I enter the kitchen where a cake is waiting for me. " Happy birthday Lillykins!! " half shouts my mother. " thanks mum " I mumble, she really needs to stop calling me Lillykins.

I assume my dad's upstairs getting ready for work.

Just as I'm about to take my first bite of pancakes a gust of wind blows through carrying a creme folded up piece of parchment with a blood red stamp on it reading HW.


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