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I oohed and aweed over the various store selling things I've never even heard of. My father grabed my hand and took me to an odd rusty shop called OLLIVANDER'S. I eyed my father suspiciously an he returned my glare with a chuckle. We opened the door an I winced as it shreeked on it's hinges.

" welcome to OLLIVANDER'S " says a chubby fat man in his mid 50s. He never makes eye context with us and continues to shuffle around with books.

We are here to buy a wand for my daughter Lilly potter " my dad says. At the word potter the chubby mans head jerks up. His eyes go a bit glossy as he stares at us. " it can't be " he whispers. My whole family is used to thi kind of attention. My dad's hair covers half if his scar but it's still visible. The mans eyes dart to my dad's forehead " harry James potter I wondered when I would be seeing u. " he whispered again. I rolled my eyes

" hello mr Ollivander this I my daughter Lilly Luna " he says. " I shake the mans hand and managed to muffle out " pleasure to meet u " I let go quickly wiping my hands on my jumper. Father gives me a look. " the pleasure is all mine. Now what can we do for u miss? " he asks a little bit to cheerey. " she's looking for her first wand " my ad says because apparently I can't speak for my self. I sigh and roll my eyes once again.

Mr. Ollivander nods and shuffles away. This is SOOO boreing. Her comes back after a good 5 minutes if akward silence. He dumps 6 dusty boxes on his beaten table letting out a small puff or dust. I cough and my eye start to water. I reach out to one of te boxes but mr. Ollivander taps my hand away. " the want choses the wizard ms. Potter " I nod like I understand but really I just want to get out of here. As soon as I nod a box flys opend and a black long stick with white leaves swirling all around it shoots out and torwards me. I drop it, to stunned to breathe

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