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3. Headmistress Chang

I nervously open my letter. My dad comes in before I read it. " Lilly can I speak with you before u open that please? " I didn't know what to say I don't really talk to my dad that much. " I'm sure " I say, I don't want to hurt his feelings.

We go into the office. " honey I want to tell you that no matter what that letter says I will always love u " he says. He looks into my eyes and I stare back at his bright green ones. " I no dad, I love you too " I say , not wanting to hurt his feelings. I slump back to the kitchen where my fate awaits.

I climb up to my stool and sit. I feel my family breathing down my neck. I open my letter with shaken hands. Today's the day that will determine my life for the next 7 years

This is it.

Dear Lilly Luna Potter,

We are proud to inform u that you have hear by been excepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. You are expected on the Hogwarts Express at exactly 11:00 Sunday, September 1. You need to have all of your books, robes, school supplies, and a choice of bringing a pet.

Supplies you will need

Hogwarts A: History book 1

Charms book 1

Defense against the dark arts book 1

The rest of your books will be given to you at school



Extra clothes

We look forward to seeing you Miss Potter.


Headmistress Chang

Cho Chang

Dad reads the headmistresses name out loud. His eyes go wide. " CHO CHANG!!! " he yells. My whole family stares. My mother glares at him " do you no this women? " she asks sternly. " ya we dated in my fith year " he says without thinking. " oh ya I remember her " my mother smirks dangerously. " the ugly one with no taste? " my dad doesn't answere not wanting to get himself in trouble. I sit back in my chair smiling as a gigantic wait is lifted off my shoulders. I am going to Hogwarts, I say to myself as I sit back and enjoy my pancakes.

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