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4. Diagon Ally

My whole family piled into the small SUV that we had. My father started the car, it made an unbearable noise that splintered my ears.

I've never been to Diagon alley and my two stubborn brothers won't tell a thing. I huffed and rolled my eyes and rest my head against the window.... This is going to be a VERY long car ride.

My dad finally pulls into this dirty gravel parking lot. " what are we doing here? " I ask with a hint of annoyance. " just wait " my mum says. Ugh whatever. My dad goes Arjun to the back of the car an grabs this rusty old beat up umbrella.y dad is so weird I think to myself. I look closely at the handle and the letters R.H. Are craved into the side. I try to find names that match that. None came to mind. My dad starts forward a crappy old pub. I follow sulking the entire way. He opens the door and it falls. I roll my red again making sure my mum can see me.

With the wave of my dad's hands the door is back on it's hinges. We walk in an the floor board creeks beneath us. This place is creepy.

" hello harry, ginny, Albus, James. " says this weird guy with ratios an a beard. All my family does is smile and wave. I just glare.

Mum takes us to the back and opens what seems like half of a show. I cautiously step through the fram. All that's In front of us is a chipped brick wall. I eye it carefully. My father takes out the R.H. Umbrella and starts tapping surtain bricks. I cover my face embarrassed even though no one is in this crappy room but us. As soon as he finishes tapping the last brick the wall slowly spreads open. I take several steps back, an alarmed expression plastered across my face.

I look through the wall and all I see is a very long brick alley with shops on both sides. The main thing that catches my eye is the huge sign that says WELCOME TO DIAGON ALLEY

i smiled.

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