The Virgin Games

Every year In Sandburge High school the senior boys play a game seeing who take the virginity of the most girls. This year the boys in the running are Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. And they're All after Allie Pebbles, the last virgin left.


8. Chapter 7

 Everyone was soo excited that Luke was back. Everyone was crowding around him and cheer. I smiled at how much he was loving the attention, I aslo noticed that he didn't need me around for the moment so I just told him to catch up with his old friends and that I would meet him at home since he was staying with me. I then just left to go to my locker. Since we were seniors we sometimes get half days.

 When I got to my locker I saw that Harry was standing there waiting for me. "Harry im not in the mood right now."

"please just hear me out" He pleaded. I crossed my arms and nodded for him to continue. "so let just forget about the competition for right now and lets just get to know each other." 

"if getting know each other ends up with me in your bed then no thanks" I said.

"No Allie I'm serious I mean yeah the contest is going to continue but I seriously want to get to know you, I've been trying to get to know you for a while, even before this stupid competition . But you never took the time to notice me." he said. Omg am I seeing the sweet side of Harry Styles.  

*FLSAHBACK* 7th Grade

Harry was new to our school and puberty had really hit him hard so everyone really liked him. But me being me even though I was popular I never really followed the crowd so I never really talked to him.

"hey your Allie right" I heard someone say as I was sitting in the library trying to study for midterms. I turned around and saw Harry standing next to my table. I smiled and nodded. He then took a seat next to me " so I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go watch a movie with me down at that new shopping center." he said shaking his head so his curls would fall in place. 

"sorry but I'm busy maybe some other time." I told him grabbing my stuff and walking away. He had asked me out about 6 times but I turned him down every time. I started to notice that he would kiss and make out with girls right in front of me to make me jealous but I was never interested so it never bothered me.


"Fine Harry but I swear if you try anything-"

" I wont. I promise" he interrupted me and stuck out his hand. I reluctantly took it and we made our outside.

"I rode the bus today and forgot my car so could we just use your car that would be great." he said. I groaned.

"fine but your driving" I said throwing the keys at him. I walked around the side and got into the car. "you have a really nice car." Harry said looking at it with amazement. " thanks it was a birthday present from my dad." I smiled.

"Ha I wish my dad would give me a birthday present like this" Harry chuckled. "well at least you get to see your dad" the words slipped out before I knew what I was saying. It then got really quiet and awkward.

" I'm sorry" I heard Harry whisper.

"its not your fault, so where are you taking me" I said changing the subject.

"that's for me to know and for you to find out love, but first we are going to my house so I can get my car then your house so you can drop of your car" he said and smirked And that's what we did.

"So where are we going now." I asked as I got in his car. "Love I told you. im not telling you" I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed and put on a gorgeous smile. We pulled up to a beach. There weren't many people there. Only this older couple.

"so I was hoping you would have said yes, so I bought you a swimsuit that looked about your size. Choose one he said as he held up a pink strapless onepiece in one hand and a coral color one-piece cut out. I looked at him and snatched the cutout out of his hand. I then ran behind some trees to change. I had to admit that Harry did know my style. I put on the swimsuit and noticed that this showed way too much cleavage. oh well, I'll make him want me even more ;). I ran out from behind the bushes and threw my clothes in the back of his car. I was so happy that he drove his truck instead of my porshe. I notice Harry leaning against the hood of the car, and I couldn't help but stare at his body. I never realized how toned he was, I mean nice abs, ripped biceps. I also noticed him staring at me too. 

"Take a picture it'll last longer" I said putting my hands on my hips. He smirked and lifted his phone to take a picture. I laughed at how he took me sarcasm for real. 

"come one lets go take a walk." He said as he held out his hand for me. I took it and we started walking. The whole time we laughing and I couldn't help but keep a smile on my face. 

I was just looking at the sunset when I felt arms wrap around my waist and lift me up. It was Harry. He started twirling me around.

"Harry put me down" I said laughing.

"okayyyy" I heard him say as he started walking us to the water.

"noooooo Harry do not drop me in the water" I yelled. 

" you said for me to put you down" he said. I screamed as he threw me into the freezing cold water. We were in the deep part so I started to act like I couldn't swim.

"harry... Help... Cant .... Swim" I yelled. I caught a glimpse of his now panicking face and had to stop my laughs and giggles. He rushed over and held out his hand. I grabbed and pulled in hard as I started to swim to shore. He wasn't to far behind me put I got up and ran. I tripped and fell and on a rock and Harry did the same and landed on top of me. We just stared into each other's eyes. Harry started leaning in. I realized what we were about to do and I moved my head to the side. I saw a flash of hurt in his eyes but I knew this was just a game.

" Umm I think I should be getting you home." Harry said as he rolled off me. I nodded and got in the car. We drove to my house and I pressed the button on my keys to open the gates.

" I had fun Harry, I really did" I said as opened the door. He nodded with a sad face. I kissed his cheek and got out of the car. I waved as he drove away. I felt so bad. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings but I'm not really up for getting into relationship, and getting hurt once I realize it was all some stupid competition.

 " Mom," I yelled as I entered the house. Still no answer.

"Rosie!" I yelled again this time for the housekeeper more like a 2nd mom to me. 

" Yes mija" 

"when are they coming home"

"I think next week im not sure, Mija they are very busy people, but you know they love you and are just trying to make sure that you have a great life ok." She said as she kissed my head and walked away.

Of course not here again no SUPRISE.


A/N I know you guys hate me m so sorry for not updating early enough I had a bit of writer's block    

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