The Virgin Games

Every year In Sandburge High school the senior boys play a game seeing who take the virginity of the most girls. This year the boys in the running are Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. And they're All after Allie Pebbles, the last virgin left.


6. Chapter 5


~~The weekend went by faster than it should have. After my little teasing game with Harry, I just got a few drinks, danced, and stayed the night with Petrie. But now its monday again which means I have to go to school.

 I grabbed my backpack after putting on my outfit and left downstairs. "Mom!" I called no one anwsered. There a note on the refrigerator. " your dad and I are going on a business Trip for a month. Edna will be staying here with you for the time being. Be save and have fun. Love you honey- mom and dad."
 "Of course. You could have at least said good bye" mumbled sighing.

I grabbed my keys and left the house. When I pulled up into the school I noticed some one was in MY spot. I own a spot at this school that what popularity gets you at this school.  I pulled into the space right next to it, and glared at the person getting out at the same time as me. She glanced over and smiled. I haven't seen her around so I guess she's new.

I walked over to her and said " hi are you new?" " ya and lost, I'm Sophia" she said sticking her hand out. "Allie, oh and just to let you know where you parked your car that's my spot. We kind of already have settled but since your I'll let it slide" I told her. She smiled at me. "Sorry to ask but would you mind showing me around" she asked "oh of course not did you get your schedule?" I asked. "Yeah its right here" she said as she pulled out the piece of paper. "Oh you have all the same classes as me and your locker is right next to me so just follow me and you'll be fine." I told her.

We walked in to the school and in the direction of our lockers. I could see all of the guys standing around my locker. "Ugh do you have to be here everyday" I groaned when Sophia and I got to our locker. I noticed her and Liam constantly stealing glances at eachother. That's when my idea popped into my head. " oh silly me I forgot I have to make a few stops on the way to first period so dearest Liam why don't you show my new friend Sophia around." I smirked," Sophia this is Liam Payne, and Liam this is Sophia Smith. Have fun you two" I said as I pushed Sophia towards Liam. 1 down 4 more to go.

Hey guys I know its short but, I am going to try to update everyday thanks enjoy

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