The Virgin Games

Every year In Sandburge High school the senior boys play a game seeing who take the virginity of the most girls. This year the boys in the running are Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. And they're All after Allie Pebbles, the last virgin left.


12. chapter 10 YAY!!!

 The next morning I woke up and was instantly scared because I had no idea where I was. I looked under me and saw Niall sleeping peacefully. I smiled as I recalled last night's events. I really like Niall, he so sweet. I still cant believe he quit the games for me. I just laid there and stared at his beautiful face.

 "You know it's rude to stare babe." He spoke without even opening his eyes. I laughed and climbed off of him. 

 "How did you know. Your eyes weren't even open." I laughed.

"I can just feel it" He smiled. I picked up my phone and looked at the time. 

"oh shit I got to go. My mom's gonna be so mad" I said rushing off of him and grabbing my stuff. He sat up straight and stared at me. "What?" I asked him once I caught his eyes.

"I meant it, what I said last night. Allie I'm done with the games if it means I get to have you as mine." He said waking towards.

"I know, Niall, but what about all of them, they're not going to stop just because you want be for more than just sex. Niall I think that we should just wait until it's all over." I told him.

" Then have sex with me and they won't chase after you anymore" Niall suggested.

I scoffed. "I knew that's all you wanted me for. You're disgusting, just like the rest of them." I said making my way to the door. I turned around right before I opened it. "And I thought you were different" I scoffed opening the door.

"Allie please I didn't mean it like that. I am different . I don't want you for just sex. " I heard Niall say chasing after me. "The games don't even mean that much to me." He pleaded. 

"Really, Niall. Really? How stupid do you think I am. You think that I'm going to believe that you really want me for something other than sex. I know how this works. You say that you really like me, so we date but the moment i sleep with you, you would claim your victory and dump like trash on the side of the road. I know your games Niall." I told him giving him one last dirty look before getting into my car and driving away.

 I drove around for hours never ending tears sliding down my face. Why am I always so stupid, to even think someone likes me. I decided to stop at a empty, warn down, cozy little coffee shop. The only person in there was sweeping the floor. He looked up when he heard the bell of the door ring. "Harry?"

"uhh hi" he said wiping off his hands and putting down the broom and standing up straight up.

"oh are you closed, cause i can leave-"

"no stay!" i gave him a strange look, "please". He pleaded. I nodded and sat down at one of the deserted booths.

"I didn't know you worked here, I mean you drive an Audi and you're in high school so i didn't even think you worked." i said.

"yeah there's a lot you don't know about me" He sighed. I took a deep breath and put my head in my hands. My head was throbbing, I guess that's what happens when tears can't stop pouring out of my eyes. " Are you okay?" Harry asked putting the broom down once again and sitting in front of me. The tears started coming again.

" God I'm such a fucking b-b-baby," I stuttering and sniffing. Harry reached out and touched my arm. "NO! Don't fucking touch me" He instantly pulled back, frightened from my out burst. "It's your fucking fault that I'm in this shit, YOU! It's all your fault. IF you and your childish friends didn't have to make that stupid ass contest to see who could fuck the most people I wouldnt be in this mess. I would be enjoying my last year in high school. You fucking dick!" I shouted standing up. Angry tears we now falling down my face as i screamed and yelled at him pointing my finger in his face. I walked around. " How could I be so stupid about every single thing" I said picking up a mug and smashing it on the ground. "how could you do this to me" I yelled picking up another much and smashing that on the ground too. I grabbed glasses and plates smashing them aswell. "We were like best friends all throughout middle school!" i said smashing another glass. "how could you target me like that" I bent down to pick up a piece of glass. 

"Allie" Harry said, his voice shaking to no end.

" I can't fucking take this Harry. You may think I'm taking this way out of proportion, but you have not idea what this is doing to me." I said bring the piece of glass to my bare wrist. I whimper as I slid the glass across my wrist, making a deep cut. I let out a scream.

"Allie!" Harry screamed running to me. He grabbed me into his arms holding me against his chest. 

"Why, why, why, Why me Harry why" I cried into his chest repeatedly hitting him with my closed fist.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think about how it would effect anyone else. When I made this game I was trying to figure out a way to get over my dad's death. So I turned to sex. It relieved me. I had no emotional connection to anyone I slept with. I just needed relief, my dad was like my best friend in the whole world. I'm so sorry" He said. tears now falling down his face. I looked up. We both had tears on our faces. He looked down at my lips. I looked at his. Before we both leaned in. Our lips touched. His hand came up to cradle the side of my face, deepening the kiss. He then broke the kiss. " I'll call off the games. Tomorrow at lunch, I'll make the announcement to end the games. I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you like that. I'm sorry I'm such a heartless fuck." He said. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my lips. 


Ok, so i know you absolutely hate me now. But I updated!!!! YAY!! Im soo sooo sorry! I hope you enjoy. I've started to working on a trailer aswell. So i really hoped you enjoyed this.


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