The Deal

Rex Thorson makes a deal with an ancient evil that comes with deadly consequences.


3. Epilogue

Epilogue: The Return of the Dealers

Rex was interrogated at the police station, and even though Rex told them the truth, he was still found guilty of murder. In court, Rex wasn't sentenced to jail, but to an asylum in a small town called Devil's Court. In the asylum, Rex was put in the youth's level away from others due to one night when he wrote on his cell wall "Sentos mara sen cas noa mes!" The words were translated into english and they meant " Nobody can hold me! Hell's gates will open to this world!"

Since that day, Rex had been put in salutary confinement. The employees of the asylum saw a change in Rex each day, including his skin color, language, personality, teeth formation, and each time they would check on Rex, demonic symbols would be engraved in the walls and his skin. The employees thought these symbols might be connected to the message, or possibly a door to Hell.

As a result, Rex was put on death row and in a week after being put in the asylum, Rex was electrocuted and died along with the evil inside of him. The employees thought that the horror was finally over, until one night a couple of familiar faces showed up at the asylum and destroyed it. The culprits were the spirits of two innocent beings who made deals; the two were Rex Thorson and Ronald Woswik, both smiling as pure, whole, and free human beings saying in unison, "You can't kill us. We are the dealers. We are forever alive. The evil is dead...forever."

They were never seen again.

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