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You want it? I'll make it! Just comment your info sheet and I will do it for you as soon as possible!
P.S Please keep in mind I am very new, and if I get more to practice, I will become better. Also keep in mind that I try my very best for each cover. I always will try to make you happy!


3. Example- Fanfiction Idea in the making

So... i just wanted to show you guys this cover... I am reeeaaallly happy and proud of it! And... this may be a fanfic sometime... I don't really know what youtuber to do it on, but ill figure it out. i don't know when I will make it,but it will probably be made after one of my other 2 fanfictions end.I cant wait to get started on it though! big ideas! it will be quite different from my other stories. More "supernatural" if you know what i mean. XD So here you go!-

P.S I don't know why its so blurry!! sorry!!


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