Save me.

Newest fanfiction about the janoskians, trying to do something different than my other romance fan-idol fanfics.


3. Throwback

Luke heard a knock on the door. “luke? Are you alright?” “I’m fine” “Can I come in? “ “Yeah.” Beau entered his room. “We are here for you brother, if there’s something you can talk to us about it, don’t forget that, don’t shut us out please” “I know I’m sorry I just need some time.” “it’s been going on for 4 months now. Talk to us.” “I will.”


So where are your parents?” Luke asked looking around. “They’re on a worldtrip.” “They left without you?” “Yeah faith decided I had to meet you” Luke smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m glad I met you.” He cuddled her.

He remembered that day like yesterday. He didn’t know if he would have go on knowing everything he knows now. But she was like an angel, he had to have her in her life. Even for this short period it was the best time of his life. He looked through their pics. “I’m so sorry, Lauren. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.”



“Hi Lauren! I’m here!” “Hello?” Luke asked. “oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know she had company, who are you?” “I’m Luke, Laurens boyfriend” “Oh Glad to meet you I’m Laurens aunt, I come looking after her once in a while. So you know about the thing.” “What thing?” “Her parents?” “That they’re on a worldtrip?” “Oh boy, how long have you been together now? “ “4months, why?” “Her parents aren’t on a world trip. They died in a carcrash, a half year ago, she always tells they’re on a worldtrip.” Luke was schocked. “Why didn’t she tell me?” “She’d rather go that out of the way than talk about it.”

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