Save me.

Newest fanfiction about the janoskians, trying to do something different than my other romance fan-idol fanfics.


1. Repulsion

“Stupid alarm” Luke growled and turned around in his bed. He turned his alarm off and closed his eyes again,  “LUKEEEEE GET UP!” Jai jumped on Luke, “We need to go! “ “I don’t want to , I want to sleep, let me sleep” “No get up lazy! We need to meet our fans and prepare for tonights gig!” Luke pulled his sheets over his head. “Get out my room, I’m not coming. “What the hell is wrong with you lately” he heard Jai whispering before leaving the room. Luke sighed, if he even knew. He started drifting off again and didn’t hear the angry voices when Jai joined the others.


He kissed her on the cheeck “I can’t imagine a world without you anymore, I love you” he whispered in her ear. A smile spread on her face. “I love you too my handsome boy!” she wrapped her arms around him. “you make my life complete” and together they watched the sun going down. And in that moment Luke realised he had everything he could wish for.


14:00 , did he really sleep that long? He lost track of time a few months ago, since her, since that happened but he couldn’t think about that again. Luke decided to take a really cold long shower. He needed to make some changes, this wasn’t what she wanted hi mto become, right?

But there wasn’t a thing that could cheer him up. Nothing was worth living anymore. Not without her. Tears were taking place in the corners of his eyes again. He planted his fist in the wall, “I can’t do this anymore”


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