Save me.

Newest fanfiction about the janoskians, trying to do something different than my other romance fan-idol fanfics.


2. Loneliness

“Where’s Luke?” Skip asked when Jai came down. “he’s not coming” Jai grumbled. “What?” “Why not?” they asked. “Don’t know he’s being stupid again” Jai got angry. “We have everything we could ever think off because of our fans, and he doesn’t even bother to come say hello” “Jai, it’s okay” Beau shushed Jai. “No it’s not! He’s right” James said. “We should talk to him. It’s now 5months since he broke up with Charlotte and he still didn’t get over it.“  “He’s processing it the wrong way.” Skip answers. “He needs an intervention” Beau agreed.  The others nodded.


“Boys, get in the van! We need to go” Ronnie shouted in the opening of the front door.

Everyone went outside. “LUKE” Ronnie shouted, “He’s not coming” Jai grumbled. “why not?” Jai chuckled his shoulders and passed by Ronnie who shook his head.



Luke had to force himself to get to the shower. A cold one, to distract himself from his thoughts. Afterwards he put on his clothes and walking shoes, followed by his music ears and went outside for a walk.  With his face turned to the ground and his hands in his pockets. After an hour he looked up, his feet had brought him to the girl he had loved so much. He entered the place, and went to the 23th row, he knows her place by heart. He couldn’t count the times anymore that he had spent here with her. When he got where he wanted , he kneeled down. “Hi there sunshine, I hope you’re doing good up there.” He rearranged the flowers at her grave. He sighed.  “I miss you so damm much” he whispered, his voice broke down. And again tears formed in the corners of his eyes. How am I ever getting over this? He asked himself.


After a long time, he stood up again and he continued his way back home. When he arrived the boys were already there. He heard laughter coming from the living room. “I’m home” he said quietly.  When the boys saw him entering, they stopped laughing. At that moment Luke felt more alone than ever.


“Luke? Where were you?” Ronnie shouted from the kitchen while entering the living room. “I’m sorry, I .. I had to be alone” The boys looked at each other. “Luke sit down.”

“Why?” Just do it, we want to talk to you.” Luke sat down, the boys gathered around him. “Look Luke, we love you okay? But how you’re dealing with your break-up is effecting on all of us” “We want to have you back, we want to be the janoskians again.” “So if there’s something and you want to talk we’re here for you.” “Just come and talk to us, we will help you as much as we can” The boys said. Luke looked down. “I’m sorry guys, I just need some time, I’m going to bed, I’m tired.” He said as he stood up. “I’m sorry “ he whispered again before going upstairs.

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