Used to be us ??

It's about this girl name ASIA nd her sister Patience nd Karrington how august went to an summer party with her friend nd sister august ended up getting with a boy name Jacobe a.k.a Prinction nd they end up together after an party



9. Chapter 9

Kat P.O.V

I was actually mad because I saw Roc flirting with an girl yesterday

" hey what's really wrong because usually you don't get mad when I wake you up that early like that " Asia ask

" well you remember yesterday when Roc and that "slut" was talking " I ask. She nodded for me to continue


I was walking out the school after dance practice when I saw Roc. I tired to walk over there but as soon as I got there a girl with black hair walked up and I can hear their conversation

" so when your little party " the girl said

" Tomorrow " roc replied

" yea can't wait I'm wearing this dress what's your favorite color " she said

" I can't wait to ripe it off you of you to " he said

I was now in tears. " I thought he liked me " I thought to myself. I just turn the other way and got into the car and went home. I cried that whole night until I feel asleep


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