Used to be us ??

It's about this girl name ASIA nd her sister Patience nd Karrington how august went to an summer party with her friend nd sister august ended up getting with a boy name Jacobe a.k.a Prinction nd they end up together after an party



8. Chapter 8

Roc P.O.V

you what omg I knew y'all had a thing" Princton said yea right who I look like. I actually did like asia but I don't anymore I'm in love with Kat

" so you going to tell her tonite " Princton ask

" well yea I have no other choice " I said back

We finish getting ready and I told the others we was leaving. Princton and I decided to drive to school instead of walking. When we got here I saw karrington and asia walking in the parking lot

" there go my baby girl " Princton said. I looked over and we just laughed. God how I love this man right here this been my brother since 1st grade and then in 2nd we meet Ray and Progyi

" hey Kat " I said walking over towards them

" hey " she replied she look sad maybe I should ask her

" what's wrong you not yourself usually you'll hug me " I asked

" oh I'm just a little tried because someone woke me up at 6:00 " she said looking at august. Asia looked at us and signed

" sorry but if patience would never change my clock to 8:30 we would've never did that " Asia said looking at patience who was with Diggy

We all walked in the school to our locker then to first period

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