Used to be us ??

It's about this girl name ASIA nd her sister Patience nd Karrington how august went to an summer party with her friend nd sister august ended up getting with a boy name Jacobe a.k.a Prinction nd they end up together after an party



29. Chapter 29

Asia P.O.V

When I woke up it was time for school. I looked and saw Princton still sleep he had my worried last night because he was crying. I slid out the bed and went to the bathroom to do my routine. When I finished I picked out a black tank top with some black skinny jeans and a red and black plaid shirt with my tumblers

When I came back Princton was sitting on my bed with his head in his hands

" good morning " I said changing my iPhone case to a black one with the skull on it

" good morning " he said standing up and walking behind me with his arms around my waist. We just looked in the mirror. We are the cutest couple ever because he tall and I'm short. Princton is actually 6'1 and me 4'9. I was knock out my thoughts by Princton asking can he use the shower I nodded and did my make up

I finish doing my make up and Princton had finish taking a shower

" your ready " I asked and he nodded. We walked down stairs to see everyone had left already. I grabbed my bag and keys and we was off to school

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