Used to be us ??

It's about this girl name ASIA nd her sister Patience nd Karrington how august went to an summer party with her friend nd sister august ended up getting with a boy name Jacobe a.k.a Prinction nd they end up together after an party



19. Chapter 19

Princton P.O.V

I woke up to a major headache and I didn't have clothes and I'm very lost to what happen. I looked to my side to see Asia there half naked next to me

" omg she finally mines .......yes yes I got the girl I got the girl " I sang to myself then she woke up

" good morning " I said she looked at me confused and jumped up and grabbed her clothes

" I'm sorry I have to go " she said she run to me and kissed me for a long time

" don't go please " I said when we pulled apart. She just looked at me and shook her head and left

" wtf did I do " I whisper to myself. I got of bed to hear her talking

" we have to go Kat " I guess Asia said that

" hold up let me get this straight you wanna leave because of what you and Princton did " Kat said

" no trick remember mommy comes home today " August said

" OH SNAP PPATIENCE COME ON " Kat said. Then I heard a door slammed and the house was quite

" what was that for " Ray said next to me I jumped a little because he scared me

" oh Asia mommy comes home i guess and next time you scare me I'mma cut you bro" I said a lil angry

" sorry if someone didn't get no none last night " he said walking away

" I actually did and sorry it just she didn't wanna stay with me " I yelled down the hall and walked in my room

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