Used to be us ??

It's about this girl name ASIA nd her sister Patience nd Karrington how august went to an summer party with her friend nd sister august ended up getting with a boy name Jacobe a.k.a Prinction nd they end up together after an party



10. Chapter 10

" oh so that's why I heard sobbing coming from your room?"Asia ask. I just nodded my head when she ask that

" but don't saying anything ok " I ask her.

" don't worry I gottach plus If I see that son of a bitch or "slut" which ever you wanna call her gonna pound her " august said

" No your not I'm the oldest and you are not fighting anyone " I said

" yea you only 18 and I'm 17 but who cares what you say but since you not mad at that then I'm not gonna do it " she said walking to her locker

" so what are you wearing to the party tonite " I ask going though my locker.

" umm that outfit I bought from that mall and what bout you " she replied

" a red dress with my combat boots you should wear a dress with me pleases " I pouted with my lips poking out

" fine I wear the blue dress with my black converse " she said. I got happy and then we walked to our 1st period

* skip to tonite*

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