Each Memory

When Andrea Scott's parents move her from sunny California to London, England everything changes. At first for the better but then life takes Andrea Scott down a twisted road, throwing the family into a turmoil to stay or not to stay. One year full of love, loss and threats to cherish Each Memory.


2. Best Day with a Perfect Ending


When we finally made it  to the beach we met up with Mason and the lads and we were told Bailey and the Rest of the Girls will meet us on the pier. We were all walking in the direction of the pier when we spotted Destiny and her "posse". Destiny is the school queen and the king you may ask well its only the schools star Quaterback, I know clique much. Execpt she wasn't with him she was with Derek the school badass and kissing as well. I wonder what that would do to the schools football team if Lance found out.
We went to the pier carefull not to be seen by Destiny, as we walked past we overheard their conversation, "don't worry Derek there is no way Lance is here he is at training" destiny almost whispered. I would love for Lance to show up but its not the movies here, its real life and soap opera moments are scarce.

As we got to the end of the pier we caught sight of Bailey and the others. They ran, we ran it was a car crash in the making right from the start. Of course we all fell. Our day got off to a amazing start me and the girls sunbathed whilst the lads surfed. We got talking questions like song of the summer and current otp/crush were flung about, each of our voices wrestling each other until Blossom spoke up. "GODDAMMIT CAN'T WE JUST TALK IN AN ORDERLY FASHION" she shouted. We were all shocked and shut up right away, Blossom now realising all eyes were on her quieted down "Good" she got a ixed reply of okays and goods. Our conversation continued but in an orderly fashion for Blossom. "Sooo Andrea any plans for thi year?" Bailey asked. "Yeah, have fun and don't stand for nothing" I answered. A little while after we decided to take a dip in the sea but later decided its best not so we got on Mason's parents boat and took a boating trip with everyone. We took turns using the rubber doughnut rings. After that was all done we went pier jumping and to top that all off a campfire.

Its the perfect weather for a campfire. The fire is flaming and the marshmallows toasting. We decided to play a game, the rules are simple someone says a statement like I have never kissed anyone and if its not true for you then you eat a marshmallow. Its my turn to say a statment and I am trying to come up with something original. I know how about that I have never left america because everyone goes for the typical I have never kissed and things like that. "I have never left America" i said out loud. Most people had to eat a marshmallow. The campfire was the perfect ending to labour day and our freedom. Now all i have to do is survive my senior year, simple right.



Andrea's outfit



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